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Turn The Frown Upside Down

“Happy Wolf” – Photographer Unknown

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

In times of stress and anxiety it’s easy for people to become overwhelmed with their own emotions of fear or sadness. Worry may dominate your thoughts from morning to night. Fear can take hold and change your focus from what you want to accomplish in a day, to pulling in more fear and anxiety. It becomes a snowball that grows and grows until it seems to overwhelm everything in your life.

We all go through it. We all get caught up in the latest bad news. But sometimes it seems there’s nothing good to see anymore and everything is just getting worse and worse. It’s hard to break that cycle at times, and that’s when we need to ask for help. There’s nothing wrong with talking to someone about that downward spiral of emotions. Try to remember “that feelings are real but they aren’t reality” (Dan Harmon, 2017 – This is a great story reported in the Washington Post about author Dan Harmon’s twitter response to a fan. It’s really worth the read!) Continue reading

I Did It!

ididitPick Up Your Trophy Today!

Face the day with courage!
Face the day with determination!
Face the day with inspiration!
Face the day with “I’m Doing It!”

Make Today YOUR Day!
The only person you have to impress is yourself. Work on that by believing in you even when no one else does. Others will set limits on your dreams. They’ll place their fears of success and reaching for the starts upon you and try to contain you dreams. You can choose to allow what they call “practical” suggestions and council to limit your ceiling. Or you can choose to go outside the boundaries and look up at the stars where the only limitation is your belief in self.

If you don’t set your ambitions high, when you do yourself a disservice. You put your abilities and imagination in a box, packed away and rarely let them out to shine. But when you unpack the box and let your talents out to shine; you can become the light that beacons others to take notice. Make sure you’re prepared when they do and luck will fall on your path of hard work.

Remember that luck is nothing more than “Preparedness meeting Opportunity”. simply having the vision, the imagination and raw talent will only get you so far. All talents take time and attention through practice, learning new things that can expand your perspectives and inspire your next steps. Work on your dreams and with each phase you complete that moves you up to the stars, will allow you to pick up your trophy and be proud of yourself! Nothing can motive you more, than celebrating the little accomplishments that get you closer to that dream.

Always Believe In Yourself, You’re Magik Working On A Miracle;
And you can and will make it happen!

Here are some things that can help you keep yourself inspired to dream and mostly to work on that dream.

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Judgement – Inverted

Judgement - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Don’t be blinded by rash judgements. Things aren’t as they appear to be, but they’re not what you think they are either. Your walls of skepticism are clouding your judgement and allowing your fear or anxiety to get the best of you. So before you toot your horn too loudly, make sure you have all the facts and have done a little investigation before you make a final decision.

Additional Insight:

Don’t claim more than you can prove or accomplish. Your reputation is respected and you’re being asked to do more than before. That’s great and brings new opportunities for success and recognition. But be careful what you take on. It’s ok to admit you’ve never done that, but you’re willing to give it a try. Others will respect you for admitting your lack of experience and your willingness to learn.

However, if you claim you’ve done something before and you’re “hired” for your experience in that matter, you better make sure you can deliver. Not doing so will harm your reputation not only for this position, but for many others to come. The word will get around and it will be hard to recover from.

If you’re the one making the offer, don’t assume the person you’re contacting can’t do the job simply because they don’t know the proper buzz words. If they’re willing to try and you like their gun-ho attitude and experience in other areas, consider giving them a chance. You may want to check in on them a little more often to see how they’re doing and to offer help. But don’t automatically assume they can’t do the task. They may  be the best worker you’ve ever partnered with.

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Ace of Swords – Inverted

Ace Of Swords - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

The strife is coming to an end. Don’t be worried or upset about losing the things that were holding you back in the first place. You will end this in triumph. Show compassion, not only for yourself and loved ones, but for those who have been conquered by no fault of their own. There are innocent victims on both sides. And some need reassurance and a kind word. It really will be ok.

Additional Insight:

It really has been a long drawn out struggle to bring things together. Sometimes things don’t work out and we can look back and see what happened. Whither it’s because we rushed into choices out of fear, or waited to long and missed opportunities, don’t blame yourself.

Worrying over what you should have done, or could have done will not change the past or fix the present. It will only keep you anchored in the past. Let it go as things come to an end. You are the one who will be triumphant and you don’t need to gloat, or feel better than the others over that success. You could derail what you have and will accomplish.

Show compassion, not only to those who will continue to struggle, but to those around you who are still unsure of the current course. They have hope and faith in you. But they too have been hurt and worry about their security and well-being.

Sometimes a hug really can go a very LONG way!

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Living In Balance

The Balance Of Life and Spirit

Black and WhiteMany people these days are taking a good look at themselves and their lives, trying to find a balance for achieving happiness. Or at the very least contentment. They look at how they interact with their family unit, how they conduct themselves within business matters and how much time they spend on making the all mighty dollar and that illusive career or achievement of success. And many realize they’re living a life out of balance and wondering how to find the solution.

A lot of people shy away from looking within as part of the recipe for change. They think of looking within and an exercise to become critical of the self and that introspection seems like it only makes things worse.  They being playing the blame game of what has been, or what choices have made that contributed to the imbalance. Guilt for what they did or didn’t do, isn’t going to go back in time and change those things. Continue reading

Optimism And Healing

Overcoming Life’s Hurdles

Overcoming Life's HurdlesHow we look at the world around us is based on perspectives that we form through our experiences and how those experiences impact our life. But it is also formed by the type of people we surround ourselves with. From childhood we mimic the views and attitudes of our parents. In adulthood we learn to think for ourselves, value our own opinions and have more control over our views, emotions and responses. The choice is up to us.

Being optimistic doesn’t mean you live in a fantasy world where everything is wine and red roses. It means being able to look beyond the doom and gloom to find the positive element in all things and focus energy on that. All situations have some element of good, but we rarely see what that is until we’re well beyond the event. If we allow ourselves to heal and get beyond it, that is. Continue reading