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Turn The Frown Upside Down

“Happy Wolf” – Photographer Unknown

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

In times of stress and anxiety it’s easy for people to become overwhelmed with their own emotions of fear or sadness. Worry may dominate your thoughts from morning to night. Fear can take hold and change your focus from what you want to accomplish in a day, to pulling in more fear and anxiety. It becomes a snowball that grows and grows until it seems to overwhelm everything in your life.

We all go through it. We all get caught up in the latest bad news. But sometimes it seems there’s nothing good to see anymore and everything is just getting worse and worse. It’s hard to break that cycle at times, and that’s when we need to ask for help. There’s nothing wrong with talking to someone about that downward spiral of emotions. Try to remember “that feelings are real but they aren’t reality” (Dan Harmon, 2017 – This is a great story reported in the Washington Post about author Dan Harmon’s twitter response to a fan. It’s really worth the read!) Continue reading

A Special Reflection From A Little Spyderwolf

The Fool

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Every now and then my young son (the Spyderwolf), asks if he can pull a Tarot card and see the message. Out of the blue he asked to pull a card tonight and if I would add it to my blog. So here’s a special Tarot Reflection for one and all.

The Fool:

The Faery is grabbing the bubbles and not letting them get away. Things are the same when you look at them. He’s holding onto the bubble and the flowering plant is holding onto the leaf.

Now when he tells me what he sees, I ask him what these things mean to him. Bubbles he said make you happy. And when you look at things, they’re always the same.


So Mom’s translation:

Happiness is not an illusive thing. All things have two perspectives, even when they look the same. It’s up to you to decide if you’re trying to capture them out of the air, or if you’re letting them support what you’re standing on.

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You Can Only Change Yourself

But That Will Change How Others Respond To You

Introspection & ChangeEveryone knows the adage “You can’t change others” or “You can’t learn lessons for others” when dealing with negative situations. Those wise old sayings come from centuries of experience passed down from one generation to the next. But it seems in our desire to be helpful and show compassion we have to be reminded of their message constantly. If you continue the same patterns of response, you are allowing others to control your emotions and direct your path. They don’t have to change you, because they have the ability to manipulate you through their own actions and your consistent patterns of response. They already know how you’re going to react, because you’ve done it so many times before. In doing so, you become an enabler and through your own actions, you promote the negative behavior you want changed in the first place.

This can occur in any type of relationship. It’s more often associated with relationships that are impacted by addiction. But it can also occur in work situations with a boss, or co-worker. Continue reading