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You have reached the official website of author and teacher Lady Springwolf. We also know her as Rev. Vickie Carey, D.D., Ph.D. certified and licensed Minister, Reiki Master and Pagan Shaman.

Springwolf Reflections is a place of spiritual inspiration and thought, where Spring shares her views, knowledge, and insights to Pagan Metaphysical perspectives, beliefs and practices. And conveys how you can add your spiritual understandings to benefit your everyday life.

Springwolf is a deeply respected teacher of Pagan Metaphysics, Spiritual Enlightenment and personal development. For over twenty-five years, she has been committed to making esoteric material comprehensible and practical for everyone. She has written many articles for magazines around the world concerning Metaphysical principles and pagan practices.

Here she shares messages of insight, inspiration and news about her books, up coming appearances and current events.

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