Sunday Homily Listing

Carole Bourdo - "Wolf Song"

Carole Bourdo – “Wolf Song”

Springwolf’s Sunday Homilies

Homily: a religious discourse that is intended primarily for spiritual education rather than doctoral instruction; a sermon.
– synonyms:  sermon, lecture, discourse, address, lesson, talk, speech, oration – Homily on Wikipedia

No matter what religious path one follows, you’ll find a Priest or Priestess giving an oration to members of the community who follow that path. These are stories that share teachings of belief and practice. Oral stories that use the concept of folk-lore to explain spiritual morals, history or inspiration.

Springwolf is an ordained minister, a member in good standing of the International Metaphysical Ministry and recognized Clergy in the Commonwealth of Virginia. She’s a teacher and an initiated Shaman of the Deborean path of Pagan Metaphysics. You can learn more on the Reflections About Springwolf page. As a Pagan Metaphysical Shaman, she joins the ranks of other spiritual teachers around the world and throughout history to share her knowledge and insights to those who share her spiritual beliefs.

Homilies can be given on any day of the week and during any event or situation. Sharing a tale on Friday night around a bonfire can be a homily equal to a formal gathering on Full Moon night or during a Sabbat celebration.  Spring typically shares her homilies on Sunday simply because that’s the one day during the week when most people take time to relax, sit back and give attention to their own spiritual interests.

The following are the Sunday Homilies Spring has shared here on Springwolf Reflections. This is a list of all the homilies by date that have been posted here on her blog. You can also view Spring’s favorite Reflection articles on the A-Z Reflections contents page.

Springwolf Reflection’s Sunday Homilies


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