What Is A Spiritual Expert – Series

Eyes of the Hunter

Eyes of the Hunter by Charles Alexander

 A Six Part Series of Leadership and Inspiration

One of the first set of articles I created for my new blog in February 2012, dealt with what it takes to be a Spiritual Expert. I wrote these at the behest of my students entering into teaching themselves. Asking me to give some guidance for success and warning for the pitfalls.

I finally decided to put the idea into action when I started receiving a large number of questions from others about how to get started on their path of Shaman, Priest or Priestess. So it maybe time to talk about this series again.

It’s important to note that this path of spiritual expert is not an easy one. Ask any Minister, Priest, Shaman or whatever title one has taken and they’ll probably agree. The moment you put this idea of Spiritual Leader out there into the Divine Universe, you set energy in motion to mold you and your life.

If you are committed and sincere, the lessons brought to you will be designed to fulfill your goal. Some will be interesting, others will be difficult and some will even knock you on your backside. Be careful what you ask for; you might get it.

Now I don’t want this to seem scary for those who are starting out on this path. It is a worthwhile journey no matter what your designed goal is. As long as it’s one of positive purpose. But it is a path of continued learning, searching, research, growth and enlightenment. It requires you to be open to all new things, whether you agree with them or not. It means accepting others for where they are and what they have to teach you. It also means allowing those who are behind you to walk at their own pace. Especially if you think they’re not where they should be. It’s a path of tolerance, humility and above all, balance.

Balancing your knowledge with the needs of those who come to you is one of the most difficult parts to being in the role of Spiritual Expert. It’s not only a position of knowledge, but of how to apply and utilize that knowledge for each individual who comes to you and seeks your counsel. You will not become an expert by simply reading books or articles. Meditation and applying the knowledge to your life alone will not give you the title either. It’s not until you have interacted with others successfully, without ego or arrogance, with support, healing and yes, with love, will you be able to apply the title expert to your position.

Regardless of what path you desire to walk, be it psychic, healer, counselor or leader, I strongly suggest reading all of the articles in this series and not only the one you think applies to you. They all will apply to you at some point in your mission. Whether you think they will or want them to or not.

The Spiritual Expert Series:

If you ever find yourself with questions, please feel free to email me. You’ll find a link on the right side of the blog for that. No matter what your level of expertise, it’s always helpful to have someone else to talk to when needed. Be open for questions. If you don’t want people to ask you things, or question your information that you provide, you’re making a poor choice for your mission. Welcome questions. As I do. Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know”, no one person can know everything. And remember, how you view things is not the only valid view in the Universe. It’s ok to say “My research and experience have shown me this. Yours may tell you something different.”


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