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How To Research Spiritual Topics

Wolfwitch by Springwolf 2012

The Challenges Research

What Is The Meaning Of…..

So you want to be a “____fill in the blank____”. Ok, it’ takes time and research. Are you willing to put in the effort? Then here’s how you get started.

The Library at Alexandria was in charge of collecting all the world’s knowledge, and most of the staff was occupied with the task of translating works onto papyrus paper. It did so through an aggressive and well-funded royal mandate involving trips to the book fairs of Rhodes and Athens. … Any books found on ships that came into port were taken to the library, and were listed as “books of the ships”. Official scribes then copied these writings; the originals were kept in the library, and the copies delivered to the owners.” – Wikipedia

Today when people speak of the Library of Alexandria they’re often referring to a place of infinite knowledge. A place where you can go to learn anything, discover anything and access the knowledge of time and history.

Today we are fortunate to have access to an equivalent library at our finger tips. Right there in front of you. Where you’re reading this article. You have access to the Library of Alexandria. You merely need to follow a few simple rules for using it.

I receive a great deal of email and quite often it’s from people asking me “Have you heard of this -term-” or “What does this -word- mean?” or “How do I become -this title/label”.

I don’t mind sharing what I think, but I do try to give people resources to do their own research. I can give you a fish, or I can teach you to fish. I prefer to teach you how to fish so you have the tools and ability to learn for yourself. I can’t learn for you. But I can help you learn how to achieve the knowledge you seek. It’s the difference between empowering others, or putting yourself in power over others. I have too much on my plate, I don’t have time for the latter. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knight of Cups

Knight Of Cups

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Be cautious today, some things you’re handling right now could be a double edge sword. Control your emotions and don’t let them get away from you. Falling to quickly in love can be as dangerous and flying off the handle and becoming angry. It’s important to manage your expectations and maintain an even keel throughout the day and night!

Additional Insight:

Cups govern emotions and abundance in the form of mind, body and spirit. Each must be maintained in balance with the other to ensure you’re walking forward with purpose and clarity. So be careful when your mind starts to get away from you and begins leading you down a path you’re not meant to take.

Allowing your emotions to get away from you and read more into what’s going on because you feel flattered or favored can cut the other way and create deep wounds. Keep your excitement in check. Let events unfold with a balanced view. Don’t rush in where fools dare to tread.

Let your spirit be the boss today and hold your emotions and body back from making potential mistakes. If this event leads to something bigger and better, it will do so slowly. Enjoy the day’s journey and look forward to tomorrow’s travels. But don’t try to get to where you’re going all in one shot. You need the slow walk to ensure this is really what you want and that the changes it will bring are really what you’re willing to sacrifice.

Life is all about change. Make sure you are deciding the changes you take are taken with a clear head and focused view. Make sure what you may leave behind is really what you’re willing to give up. And what you’re walking toward is really where you want to go.

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