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Press Media Kit

Here we provide a digital version of the Media Kit for each book by Springwolf.
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Author Bio and Book Cover: Photo.
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Suggested Content:

  • Show Title: Pagan Metaphysics 101 with author Springwolf
  • Show Description:
    Spring has put her decades of research and knowledge into the book “Pagan Metaphysics 101: The Beginning of Enlightenment”. 
    Gain an introductory understanding of metaphysical concepts from a pagan perspective, beginning with the first principles of the creation of the Universe, the anatomy of the Soul and how it is connected to the Spirit and the Divine Universal Energy and everything in between.
  • Preferred Name: Spring
  • Preferred Title: Rev. Vickie Carey, is known as Pagan Shaman Springwolf
  • Degrees / Certifications:
    • Doctorate of Divinity in Metaphysical Sciences, University of Sedona
    • Doctorate of Philosophy in Metaphysical Counseling, University of Sedona
    • Certified Reiki Master of the Usui System, training with Rev. Beth Gray & Rev. Wilma Donald
    • Initiated Shaman and Elder of the Deborean Clan; visit Clan of the Forest Moon.
  • Contact preferences: Visit Spring on her blog at and you’ll find several ways to connect with her on social media or contact her via email.
Pagan Metaphysics 101 - The Beginning of EnlightenmentPagan Metaphysics 101 : The Beginning of Enlightenment

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