Pagan Metaphysics 102

Pagan Metaphysics 102 – Meditation, Energy and Action – Exerpt

Each of us is a creation of the Divine Universal Spirit. We are connected to it, part of it and it lives within us. Most everyone here believes they have a higher self, what some call the God Self; what I prefer to call the Divine Self. The part of you that works on becoming an enlightened spiritual being. Many people hold their spiritual being separate or at a higher level than their physical being. From one perspective this maybe an accurate view. But we are still physical incarnated beings and a part of your physical being also needs to be present and cared for in a spiritual way to work toward achieving enlightenment in this lifetime. So let’s work on bring those two parts of the self together.

The Divine Self is that part of our higher mind that connects us to the Divine Universal Spirit. But it’s more than just a bridge to the Divine consciousness. It’s also where we have the ability to create, to alter and to develop what we are, what we do and what we can achieve in this life. Not just on a spiritual level, but also on a physical level.

We often forget this. We often forget that inside each of us is a “creative” source of energy that is connected to an unlimited supply of Divine Creation energy. Nothing we want to achieve can be halted or deterred when we make that connection and utilize that source of energy in our lives. Nothing is stronger than the Divine creation. You have the ability to create happiness, achievements, success and enlightenment all within your very being. Again, not just on a spiritual level, but on a physical level as well.

The problem a lot of people face is how do you tap into that part of yourself where the unlimited universe exists? It starts with meditation. Many times I’ve said in lectures and in articles, “if you don’t meditate, it’s time you start”. Now let me explain why this is important.

Meditation is the way we build the bridge between our conscious (physical mind) and subconscious (spiritual mind) and super-conscious mind (Divine Self). By making this connections stronger and stronger each time you meditate, you are establishing a permanent bridge between these conscious minds. One you can use not just in meditation, but through out your waking day. When you’re faced with an issue, or a problem, you can easily cross the bridge and look at what’s going on from a higher perspective, that of your Divine Self. Doing this can help you react to negative situations in a positive light, instead of reacting in a knee jerk negative way and making matters worse.

But more than that, it helps you to “see” with your Divine Self, or another way to say it, with your Spiritual Eyes. You can tap into your Divine Self and guide your physical actions through out your day. This helps each person walk the path of their soul, make choices during the day that leads them closer to fulfilling the purpose of their soul and the intent of their life in this incarnation. From working on karma to learning the spiritual lessons you choose to fulfill your inner spiritual purpose.

All this starts … with meditation.

Because your Divine Self has the energy to create, you have the ability to create your day in the manner in which you desire. That in turn will create your week, your month, your year and your life. You can create happiness, success, and prosperity in Mind/Body/Spirit.

A quick note about prosperity. We’re not just talking about financial prosperity, although that is part of it. But more so, we’re talking about the prosperity of spiritual enlightenment, mental happiness, love, compassion and so on. In other words, the prosperity of all aspects of your life in both a spiritual and physical sense.

How we think each morning starts the process of creation. Thought is energy that we put into motion on the ethereal plane. It moves around us, through us and walks the path we walk until it manifests in physical form. Once in physical form, the event created by our thought will generate a reaction from us. Again, creating a thought that creates a pattern of energy that we put into motion. It’s a cycle of energy that we establish around ourselves each moment of our lives. In other words, this is the Law of Accountability in action. What you put out, you get back. The Law of Accountability governs how you live your life and conduct yourself through out your life.

So you can see how it can be important for people to create positive energy in their life. Starting each morning, and moving along through out their day. How you feel about yourself, about where you have to go or whom you have to interact with, all starts with those first thoughts of the day. Dread creates negative energies. Excitement can create positive energies. And so on. Those thoughts set up how you will face the people and situations that cross your path. And how people will react to you along the way.

If you can start your day with positive insight, then you set up a pattern to react to situations (even bad situations) in a positive manner, and positive energies are created and brought to you.

If you start your day with negative insight, then you set up a pattern to react to situations in a negative way and it’s like a snowball effect. Negative thoughts; create negative energies, which establish negative activities or situations, which create negative thoughts again. Then things can go from bad to worse, because you’re bringing negative situations upon negative situations into your life.

Self Created Energy is a way of saying what we create we get. And unfortunately as human beings, what we create can be influenced by a number of factors in our lives. From what others say to us or about us, and what we see within us and when we look in a mirror; we are creating a picture of who we are. We take on society’s image of who we’re supposed to be and what we are or aren’t and we create a picture of our self in our mind. . This is a BAD move on our part. This is the self-created energy we wake up with each day and what forms our view of the coming day.

To move beyond this, you need to look within yourself and connect with your Divine Self. What you ARE and always will be is a beautiful creation of the Divine Universal Spirit incarnate. We’re not talking about going around feeling as if you’re God like. We’re not talking about being above anyone else or holding a level of egotism that makes you superior.

The Divine perspective is merely an awareness of your equal value to all other things in and around the Divine Universe. Nothing else has greater energy than the Divine Universal Spirit and you working together. And nothing else is more beautiful or complete than that. I cannot stress how important this view is. Nothing can stop you, limit you or hold you back, as long as you are working in concert with your Divine Self and the Divine Universal Spirit. With this thought firmly placed within your mind, you can face anything, accomplish anything, attain anything, and surpass all limitations people and society place on you.

Action – Walking Your Talk
So how do you go about putting all this into action? Many years ago a wonderfully kind Native American Shaman named Roger, told me that when he looks at me, he thinks, “walking your talk”. When he said it to me I was filled with such elated tingly energy that his comment has always stuck with me and I began to develop a concept of what that means. So let me share with you the three steps for “Walking Your Talk”.

1. Setting your day with positive energy.
2. Creating supports for your daily activities.
3. Ending each day with thanks and gratitude.

1. Setting your day with positive energy.
First, set aside at least an hour each week for a meditation that takes you to your Divine Self or Higher Mind. Focus on your own spirit, it’s knowledge, wisdom and it’s connection to the greater Divine Universal Spirit. Really “feel” yourself at this level of your being. Along with the love, compassion and energy of the Divine in and around you. Pull this awareness into your physical being, your conscious and subconscious minds.

Each morning, before you get out of bed spend about 5 minutes creating the positive spiritual outlook for your day. Do this through a focused, calm, visualization or light meditation. Think of yourself as the Divine Spiritual Being that you are. Talk to yourself about walking your spiritual path as you go about your activities of the day, from the perspective of your Divine Self. From the positive light and insight of the divine beliefs you hold near and dear to your heart and soul.

If you have negativity in your life, you can start your morning introspection with a quick visualized scenario of clearing negative thoughts and energies from your being. Then set the foundation of positive energy for your day. You can adapt a variety of Clearing and Cleansing processes to this effort. Shorten them, alter them, do whatever you feel right to do in the time you have in the morning.

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