Frequently Asked Questions – Scheduling an Appearance

1. Where can I find information about upcoming appearances or lectures?
Check the Appearance page.

2. Is it ever too late or too early to book a Speaker?
Never! Time frames are flexible and Speakers will do their best to accept engagements within whatever time frame the host presents.

3. How do I schedule a lecture or seminar event?
Contact Springwolf’s staff for general requests, to schedule an event or for event & workshop inquiries.

4. Making a firm offer:
Once the Speaker’s availability has been verified, the next step is to make a firm offer, which is considered to be a firm and binding commitment on your part to host the Speaker. Please understand that when a Speaker receives a firm offer and accepts the invitation, the Speaker sets aside that time on his/her personal and professional calendars and will turn down other business opportunities to be with your group at your event. Should the Speaker accept the firm offer, you will be obligated to sign a contract, pay all associated costs and host the Speaker at your event. Please do not submit a firm offer until you are 100% ready to move forward with hosting that particular Speaker and have all the monies secured.

Once we receive the signed contract back in our office, your event is secured and you will be given contact information for your Speaker to help you coordinate the logistics of getting the Speaker to your event.

5. What expenses are customary when hosting a Speaker?
Standard expenses include (but are not limited to) unrestricted round trip airfare; hotel accommodations; ground transportation in the event city, meals, and incidentals. A Booking Agent will detail the specific expenses required for the individual Speaker prior to the Firm Offer.

6. Payment requirements:
We require a 50% deposit upon signing of the contract and the remaining 50% is due one month before the date of the speech. Also, please note, we often bill in advance for some expenses such as airfare.

7. How do I know what expenses I’m paying for?
Expenses for travel coordinated through us are transparent and detailed accounting back-up will be provided.

8. Where does the Speaker travel from?
This is dependent upon each individual Speaker as well as their schedules. Typically our Speakers travel from their home base through Richmond International Airport in central Virginia, USA.

9. What if I have an early morning event?
If you have an early morning event, the Speaker will usually arrive in town the night before. Depending upon travel time, the Speaker will typically arrive the day of the event for a late morning or evening engagement. Evening engagements typically require an overnight stay.

10. Who books the flights?
We will coordinate with you and the Speakers office in order to arrange all the travel details. We will make the reservations and provide transportation to the base airport. You must provide all transportation in the event city.

11. What if there is an emergency or a cancellation?
In an emergency, if the Speaker has to cancel, we will help you reschedule your Speaker or suggest a replacement that fits within your topic and budget. Fees will be reimbursed with the exception of any airline cancellation fees.

In an emergency, if your event has to be canceled, we require at least 24 hour notice. If notice is made 5 days prior to the event, we will work with you to reimburse any travel or accommodation costs that can be refunded by the scheduling companies. We will refund 25% of the lecture fee as well. If notification is made within 24 hours of the event, all fees are forfeit.

Contact us for any additional questions or to schedule an appearance.

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