The Chakra Color System

Medicine Wheel by Ravynne Phelan ©

Medicine Wheel by Ravynne Phelan ©

The Connection Of Colors

In Pagan Metaphysics 101, I provide a Chakra Chart that can be utilized to help visualize the energy centers during your meditations, for healing work or to help decipher ailment messages as they occur. And it’s from this view of the Chakras that builds the messages or meanings behind the Connection of Colors that I use as well.

It’s important to remember that there isn’t a single set in stone correspondence to colors and what they mean. You might like to read: Correspondence Of This and That. The following table is based on my research, experience and what rings true to me. It’s based on the Tibetan Buddhist system of the Chakras.

You might utilize another system that feels more in line with your view. But use it because you’ve researched and utilized that system and feel connected to it. Not because someone said this is what it is and it’s the ultimate of all systems.

While there are many systems that approach the body’s energy vortices, most follow a 7 or 9 vortex system. The 7 centers are typically associated with Hindu teachings or variations of those practices. The 9 center systems are typically associated with Tibetan systems. But these two groups aren’t the only cultures who have utilized this type of approach to energy centers. Early pagan cultures such as the Norse also have teachings of what we’ve come to call Chakras.

The chart I follow is based on my research, experience and what rings true to me. It is a 9 Chakra Center system. It’s based on the Tibetan Buddhist system as it was taught to me. And it mirrors the system I’ve discovered and researched from the Celtic system, which was influenced by the Norse system.

The Color of Energy
Life is full of color and like so many other things on our path, color also has meaning. Colors are representations of messages from your higher self, from the Divine force in your life, from, dreams and from the natural world around you. But you don’t have to be a Metaphysician to understand the importance of color in your life. It exists in every day experiences and impacts our psyche whither we realize it or not.

Many people ask me about the color chart I use for viewing and interpreting colors from aura readings, or messages in dreams. Those two topics aren’t always the same thing. If I’m reading an aura, the color I see can be associated with how I view the Charkras and the connection between those energy vorticies and the energy people are holding around themselves in their energy field (the aura).

In a dream, the color has meaning to the person having the dream. It’s their interpretation of the color that matters in that case. Not how I see it or how a chart says it is. But rather how the dreamer views those colors in their own mind.

Many people associate the color white with “God”, green with money and purple with royalty or spirituality. But it’s important to remember that color definition tables are influenced by culture and traditions as well. Here in the U.S. it makes sense for us to see money as green; but that won’t make sense for people in other countries who use different colors for their paper currency. Remember to use this information only as a guide to begin your own research and define what best fits your views.

Candle FlameColors generally have two meanings depending on the appearance (vibrant v. dull) and their state of movement (consistent v. spiked). Colors such as black and brown can denote the same emotion regardless of appearance. But we can still glean some understanding of the energy in place by how they move.

Energy has several characteristics, sound or frequency, movement or speed and color. Look at the flame of a candle. The hottest energy in the flame is near the wick and it glows blue. The darker yellow or brown holds the next intensity of heat. The outer colors of light yellow or white are the coolest in temperature of the flame.

Each color within the flame also has its own motion of energy. The hotter areas move very quickly, almost so fast you can’t even see their movement. Where as the outer area of the fire moves slowly and you can see it dance in the current of the air around the candle.

The color of energy in the world around us acts in the same way. The physics of energy doesn’t change simply because we choose to look at it from the aspect of metaphysics. These two forms of physics are in concert with each other; not in opposition. Keep these characteristics of energy in mind as you’re look at colors in the world around you. Examine their clarity, are they vibrant or dull. Watch their movement, if they’re in action and consider the speed in which they travel. And listen to their sound, again if they’re in action their movement will generate a sound.  Each of these characteristics will help you decipher the meaning of the color being observed.

The Definitions of Color
These definitions are primarily described for seeing colors in an Aura, your bodies natural electromagnetic field. But they can be applied to anything or any situation. For instance if a Tarot card has an overwhelming amount of a single color within its image, that will shed some light on what the message of the card is trying to convey.

The Primary Colors:

Black :
Indicates hatred, negativity, depression and miserly. When this appears in an aura, it is usually localized or appears as wisps floating through the energy field. The energy is fleeting and often spikes in response to a particular situation the person is engaged in.

  • Vibrant Black: Indicates the lack of energy, a void, a desire not to see or look.
  • A Dull Black: Cloudy judgement, negative bias, a desire to deceive.

Red :
Indicates passionate emotions and thoughts. One can be passionately angry as easily as they can be passionately anxious.

  • Vibrant Red: When seen in a clear, vibrant and constant state, it represents fear or strong anxiety.
  • Dull Red: Generally represents anger. The deeper the red, the stronger the emotion of anger.
  • A Consistent Red: A consistent dark red indicates a violent nature, a selfish and deceitful attitude.
  • A Red Spike: A spike of red, either vibrant or dull in appearance, indicates the same meanings as above. However instead of representing the consistent nature of the subject, the spike indicates the sudden emotion in the current conversation or situation the subject is engaged in at that moment.
Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft  The Yellow of the Sun Brings Messages of Success

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft
The Yellow of the Sun Brings
A Message of Success

Yellow/Gold :
Success, creativeness, jealousy, selfishness.
It has been my experience that a person with a thin line (1-4 inches) of yellow in their aura takes on the characteristics of this color in either their personal or professional life, but not both. A yellow aura wider then 5 inches, indicates characteristics in both aspects of the subjects life.

  • Vibrant Yellow: Clear yellow denotes intelligence, wisdom, and success.
  • Dull Yellow: A dull yellow indicates jealousy, a selfishness and negative outlook.
  • Darker Vibrant Yellow Shades such as Gold: denote Divine protection or Spiritual shields of energy.
  • Cloudy Shades of Gold: denote negative thinking, guilt, egotism that boarders on righteousness.

Green :
Healing is needed or is in progress.

  • Vibrant Green: indicates a temporary situation or thought pattern. Such as falling down and skinning your knee; it’s an accident or a personal issue that will heal within a short period of time.
  • Dull Green: indicates a longer situation or more clouded pattern of healing. How we think creates how we feel. If we don’t change/heal the thought pattern, the ailment or issue may not heal easily either.
  • Light Green shades, indicate the onset or potential for injury and the subject should be cautious for the next few weeks.
  • Darker Green shades, generally indicate the injury has already occurred and is in the process of healing. It can also indicate a longer period of thought or perspective that requires a more intense healing is needed.

Blue :
Spiritually searching. A dissatisfaction or a feeling that there’s something more.

  • Vibrant Blue: Represents Pride, adoration, dedication. A desire to learn and reach for more understanding.
  • Dull Blue: Taking life for granted, being too content, can appear to be selfish, narrow-minded, arrogant, or self-righteous. There are many traits which accompany religious zeal, such as self-righteousness, blind dedication, unbending pride, adoration and zealot worship. These wide variations are usually indicated by some shade of blue.
  • Light Blue: A subject with any shade of the lighter blues is generally beginning their quest for knowledge. This does not mean a metaphysical quest, but rather a journey that will fill the ‘missing’ pieces of their current existence. This can just as easily be accomplished through any search for knowledge or understanding.
  • Darker blues typically indicate the subject has found their path and is continuing their education in the chosen realm. They are moving from student to teacher, but have not attained the wisdom of expert yet.
Queen of Pentacles

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Heightened awareness, self-esteem, and high ideals. Understanding and wisdom, especially within the chosen realm of spiritual thought and insight. Don’t take that to mean that an atheist can’t hold the colors of purple within their field of energy; they certainly can. Purples relate to spiritual understanding, a higher consciousness and Divine perspective.

  • Vibrant Purple: Do not have the need to “prove” their views to others. But they are accepting and tolerant of other views and open to alternative ways of thinking.
  • Dull Purple: Must prove they’re view is right and all other perspectives are invalid or wrong. This is an expert in their field of study, but it lacks the wisdom of being balanced or held up to scrutiny with other possibilities.
  • Light Purple: People with lighter shades of purple are refining or polishing their understandings. They are actively working on the balance of each aspect of their lives (personal, spiritual, professional), their attitudes and acceptance of others, and their existence with the world or universe around them.
  • Mid to Dark Purples: The expert teachers, the wise men/women. They maybe working on a few issues of balancing, but for the most part, they are patient, kind, and hold an understanding of how their perspectives reside within the universe around them. Their path and knowledge is true for them and they hold no fear in testing or expanding their perspectives as new discoveries are brought to their attention.

White :
Indicates purity and/or protection. When detected in the outer layers of the aura, it can indicate an area of the body which has been over energized, or is over active.

  • Clear White: an innocence and openness. A complete level of compassion and unconditional love that creates a powerful Divine like shield of protection.
  • Dull White (shades of gray): A foggy perspective, a sense of being lost or holding uncertainty. Guarded by not protected.

The Secondary Colors:
The following are combination colors. For instance white and red create pink. These colors generally hold double meanings from both primary colors, but they can be so strong in their existence that they can be defined on their own merits.

springreturnsPink :  (Combine Red and White)
Affection, love, enjoyment, pity, guilt.

  • Vibrant Pink: Indicates love, affection and a resilient temperament.
  • Dull Pink: Denotes ‘care with caution’, pity or guilt.

Orange: (Combine Red and Yellow)
Confidence, ambition, pride.

  • Vibrant Orange: Indicates ambition, pride, self-sufficiency.
  • Dull Orange: A lack of warmth, but a strong desire for success and popularity.

Peach: (Combine Orange and White)
Innovation, Achievement, Ego

  • Vibrant Peach: Indicates innovation and creation working together with confidence to achieve and learn.
  • Dull Peach: Indicates inactivity, allowing egotistical thinking or the lack of pride in oneself to stagnate efforts and actions.

Brown : (Combine Orange and Black)
Selfishness, deception, confusion or discouragement.

  • Light Brown: Indicates confusion or discouragement. The lack of confidence in one’s self, the present situation or in the subject being addressed.
  • Dark Brown: Indicates selfishness, fault-finding, and a tendency toward deception.

When you come across a color that draws you into its presentation, ask yourself why. What is it about this color at this time and in this place that’s trying to provide a message for me to see and understand. You can gain some insight and information by including an analysis of any situation, by looking at the color generated in the energy of the event or person.

I hope this helps you define your own color correspondence table. And if you choose to use this one, remember to look at the Chakra System these colors are based on and how their energy and movement might impact your perspective and understanding of how the whole field of energy moves.

Many Blessings,
 Springwolf 🐾


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