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Lectures & Seminars
Spring is an inspirational speaker who has facilitated thousands of individuals in developing greater awareness, balance and wholeness in their lives through her classes, workshops and lectures.

Suggested Programs:
– What Is Pagan Metaphysics: Understanding Our Metaphysical Connections
– Meditation, Energy & Action: Walking Your Talk
– Finding Your Sixth Sense: Using Intuition For Creativity & Solving Problems
– Healing Trials & Tribulations: Letting Go & Moving Forward Through Meditation
– Understanding Illness in the Body. The dis-ease of conscious thinking.
– Healing From Within: Understanding Illness & Using Affirmations For Healing
– Dealing With Stress & Anxiety: Using Meditation To Manage Stress
– Getting What You Want: Setting Goals & Using Visualization To Attain Them
– What Our Dreams Say: Understanding The Messages & Imagery of Dreams
– Partnerships & Family: Support Through Respect

Include lecture, instruction and guided exercises.
– Reiki I, II & III: Hands On Energy Healing Series

Perfect for weekend retreats, each level is a 2 day course. Level I requires a 4 hour orientation. Includes attunements and certification upon completion.

– Self Discovery: Using Meditation To Connect To The Divine Self
– Spiritual Meditation: Finding Your Spiritual Sanctuary, Spirit Guides & Animal Guides


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