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With Our Deepest GratitudeThank You

With Our Deepest Gratitude
Thank You

Thank You For Considering A Donation To Spring’s Haven

We understand that people have many reasons for wanting to contribute to a spiritual center. You may have experienced an event or service from the Center firsthand and feel the desire to say thank you with a donation. Or you may simply be interested in helping to promote spiritual awareness and tolerance. Maybe giving donations is your way of giving something back to your community.

Donations help us continue our work to bring about understanding, correct misconceptions and build tolerance. We are all much more alike than we are different and we can live in peace through focusing on those similarities, thank the differences.

Online security is a necessary part of every online transaction. Therefore, Spring’s Haven uses PayPal’s technology to keep transaction and financial information safe and private. You don’t need a PayPal account to make a donation. A credit card or bank account can be used to send your loving donation.

Donation Options
Donate now using Paypal.

  • Donate in memory of a loved one.
  • Donate in honor of a special occasion.
  • Donate to say thank you.
  • Donate to give something back to the community. 

Regardless of the motivation behind gift or the size of your contribution, we are grateful to anyone who wishes to donate. Thank you so very much for your kindness.

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