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From time to time Spring is invited to write for magazines, periodicals and eZines. She’s also been invited to appear as a guest blogger for other websites. Here you’ll find some of her work for others.

Diabolique Issue 13space
Diabolique Magazine, Issue 13. Spring was very excited to be asked to write the cover story for this issue. Order your copy of Diabolique Issue 13 here. Or you can visit their website and download the Diabolique app for your Apple or Android device.The magazine published a version of the complete Sunday Homily “Who Is Santa Claus” that was published here on Springwolf Reflections after the release of the magazine.
Serendipity Magazine has issued an early release of their next issue featuring articles for Elements In Art (pdf). Explore with us how the element Earth has influenced these artists to create and express themselves. This is Part One of a Two-Part issue.The first of this special two volume issue features many articles from some great authors, including one from our own Springwolf: “Working With the Elements”.
The NewStatesmanspace
The NewStatesman invited Spring to contribute to their Religion and Lifestyles section in April 2008. The theme for the month was children coming of age in varying cultures and religions.Spring’s contribution; “Coming Of Age As A Pagan” was published on April 29th, 2008.
The Psychic Journal was the first online magazine to invite Spring to contribute to their publication. She was asked to write two articles about psychic abilities and development. The magazine has closed down since its initial publication. But you can still find these two articles republished and splattered about the internet (unauthorized we might add).For official copies, please see our business site: Spring’s Haven
Psychic Abilities – Are you psychic?
Psychic Development – Developing your talents
Spring’s writings have been used as a resource by many people around the world. Including one we’re very proud of at’s article on the Wiccan Rede.
Giggle Goddess Art

Giggle Goddess Art


Guest writer: for Rhiannon at Giggle Goddess Art
Spring was invited to write a piece for Faery Artist Rhiannon at Giggle Goddess Art. The article provides information about the Faery folk from tales and cultures around the world and includes information for bringing the magikal Fae into your world and garden.

The Magikal Faery Spirits Of Nature

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