Pagan Metaphysics 101 Interview

Spring & Garrett 2012

Spring & Garrett 2012

Interview with Gillian Walters
May 26, 2012

Springwolf Author of Pagan Metaphysics 101: The Beginning of Enlightenment

I spent the day with dear friend of mine, Springwolf who has been a spiritual teacher for as long as I can remember. The official line is “Springwolf is a deeply respected teacher of Pagan Metaphysics, Enlightenment, and personal development. For over twenty-five years, she has been committed to making esoteric material comprehensible for everyone. She has written many articles concerning metaphysical and pagan practices”.

Spring has written a book to share her knowledge and help pagans fill in some of the blanks that most modern occult books leave out. She sat down with me to talk about her book and share some insights behind its concepts, her research and experiences.

  1. First, can you tell our readers a little more about yourself like where you are from and what you do in your free time?
    – I was raised here in Virginia, been here all but 3 years of my life. We moved to northern Virginia, right outside DC when I was 3 from Tennessee. Back than DC was a company town; someone in your family and about everyone you knew worked for some branch, department or company that did business with the federal government. It’s changed a lot since then. As for free time. What’s that? I’m a Mom….I don’t have free time.
  2. Let me get a little nosy into your personal life. You’re still in Virginia and have a partner.
    Yes Garrett and I met in an AOL Chat room actually. We met face to face when I was asked to officiate a wedding for some mutual friends and not long after that we started dating. I moved out of Northern Virginia to the country so to speak and head south to the central part of the state. We have a nice little place there with our son.
  3. There’s a whole story there that you two met online, but that’s not what we were going to talk about. Let me get to the good stuff that I know you want to cover. What interested you in paganism and when did you realize that you wanted to follow a pagan path of spirituality?
    – As far as I can remember, being one with nature and spirit has always been a part of my life. Even as a kid. I didn’t realize it had a name so to speak, back then. Up until I was 13 or so I thought everyone could see and talk to ghosts; listened to animals and trees.  I didn’t think of it as being different or unique I simply thought it was part of life and everyone had that connection. But it probably wasn’t until my late teens that I really started serious reading, study and practice.
  4. What inspired you to write Pagan Metaphysics 101?
    – Family and friends mostly. I had been writing articles for my website Pagan’s Path for nearly 10 years. People who know me kept telling me to write a book. I never seemed to have time for that until the beginning of the recession and the corporation I worked for went bankrupted and we all lost our jobs. I suddenly had a lot of time and I put the effort into writing the first book.
  5. For those who may not be familiar with it, what is pagan metaphysics and how does it differ from other spiritual paths?
    – To answer that we have to start with what is Pagan. Pagan is any spiritual path that does not follow Abrahamic doctrine. That would be any religion that shares this common ancestry, such as Judaism, Christianity and Islamic faiths. Paganism is really a huge category of religions that would include Buddhism, Hinduism and any nature based spiritual path like Celtic or Native American beliefs. Today most people hear pagan and they think of modern nature based religions such as Witchcraft or any magikal practice. Pagan Metaphysics puts the emphasis back on the basic principles of spiritual philosophy; who am I, why am I here, what is a soul and does it differ from a spirit. But it also includes the practice of energy manipulation, what we call magik.
  6. What are the main differences between metaphysics and pagan metaphysics?
    – Not a lot actually. Early writings of metaphysics focus on the balance of all things. Aristotle is credited with being the original author of Metaphysics, and while he coined the phrase, he’s not the only author of the concepts. You can find them generally all over the world. Some where along the way, the focus of metaphysics moved away from the balance of all things, to a focus on positive energy and thought. Pagan Metaphysics doesn’t ignore the negative energy, but sees it as a necessary component of being a balanced individual. That doesn’t mean we focus on negative acts or harm. It means we acknowledge the existence of both energies and the need for them to create balance in the Divine Universe.  
  7. You make an important statement in your book that before someone can move forward on any spiritual path they have to first know from where they are starting.   Can you talk about this?
    –  Sure. Many of your readers probably believe in basic metaphysical principles, such as reincarnation, the soul and spirit, chakra systems, aura’s and so on. But how many people sit down and think about how those things work together? Beliefs are like a puzzle, we have different pieces from here and there, but when you sit down to define what you believe, you discover that some of your pieces may not fit neatly together in the puzzle. It’s hard to start a spiritual path of understanding, when you don’t understand what you currently believe in the first place. Do you believe in reincarnation, transmigration or rebirth? They’re all similar, but they’re not exactly the same.
  8. In your book you talk about this being a time where we are moving from “survival of the fittest” to “survival of the most spiritual.”   Can you talk about this a bit?
    – This is more of a cosmic consciousness shift. When the world was new, survival of spirit was strongly tied to physical survival in the world. Those who were physically strong, survived and lived to have children and carry on the evolution of life. Today we humans have developed medical treatments and practices that take the emphasis off the physical strength for survival. Which is a good thing, but a child born today with a heart condition wouldn’t have survived a thousand years ago, or even a 100 or 50 years ago. Medical knowledge has been wonderful for mankind, not only from a physical perspective, but a spiritual one as well. We have evolved into a species that doesn’t have to rely on physical strength to survive. Now we must rely on our spiritual strength. We can’t go around killing each other over stupid intolerance. We must learn to rise above the pettiness of ignorant bigotry and walk our spiritual path in acceptance of all others around us. Today many religions have been manipulated by interpretation and warped into something they were never intended to be. “Love they neighbor as long as they’re not this or that or one of us and follow our spiritual law”. That isn’t going to work anymore. We’re all on our own path of spiritual enlightenment and we’re on different levels of what that is. My path is right for me. One of my best friends is Catholic and her path is right for her. We’re not at odds with each other. We talk, we share ideas, but we don’t judge each other or try to force the other to change their belief. I’d point out also she follows a very early interpretation of the Christian Bible and not a modern version. She’s much more tolerant of people, in my opinion, because of that. 
  9. Let me go back a second to something you said earlier about Pagan Metaphysics not only acknowledges the negative, but see this side of nature as being required to create balance in all things. Can you talk about that a little.
    Let’s take a simple example. A battery has two polarities, a negative and a positive. We don’t think of the positive side as being the better part of the battery and the one we need to use. Without the opposite negative side, a battery can’t work. The same is true for nature. The nature to create can’t occur if there isn’t a balance of destruction included in the process. Out of chaos, creation occurs. The big bang might have been an enormous destructive force, but from that explosion, the universe was created and life formed. Another way to look at this on a personal level is this: Everyone knows that when you get a cold, the best thing to help fight it is your own immune system. Taking a vitamin ‘C’ helps to boost your immune system and kick it in gear to fight the cold. Good positive action. But if you take a vitamin ‘C’ every day, you could be doing harm to both your immune system and your physical body. Too much of anything isn’t good for you. That’s true with medicines, food, drink, love and even spirituality. We need balance in all things to live a healthy and happy life.
  10. You write about the process or circle of existence, how we create our Spiritual Blue Print. Can you explain this?
    We are only half physical. We’re also half spiritual and we have a spiritual make up of characteristics and structures. As a spiritual being, we couldn’t bring every lifetime we’ve ever had from the past and bring that knowledge, karma or the talents from those lives into this single existence. We would be overwhelmed. So while we’re in spirit, we make some decisions and agreements with other spirits for a new incarnated life. What lessons do we want to learn, what karmic issues do we want to resolve, what mission do we want to work on. These decisions begin the design of our spiritual blueprint. Then we look over our past lives and choose the knowledge, talents and specific karmic debts or credits that will support that blueprint design. From the hundreds or thousands of lifetimes we’ve had, we choose 22 past lives to bring into this new physical existence. Those past 22 lives and the current incarnation make up our 23 spiritual DNA strands.
    Many people have experiences where they’re working on something and they have an inner knowledge that they can’t explain about how something works, or how to do something. This inner knowledge comes from the past life you selected to bring into this one.
  11. You write about the difference of the Spirit from the Soul. I don’t think most people see this as two different things. Can you explain this?
    Sure. As we select those 22 lifetimes from our past and develop our blue print, we must bring that plan from the ethereal or energy realm of existence here to the physical realm. We do that by storing the blue print in energy centers, what we know as our Chakra Centers. The plan, the memories, talents, knowledge, karmic energy and so on create and form that chakra system. This becomes the manifestation of the soul in the physical body. It is a subset of the larger spiritual being. We can’t select 22 lifetimes and then toss the rest aside in a bin. That knowledge and energy still exists. But exists on a higher realm of existence. You can think of it this way, our soul is the who we are here today as a physical being. The Spirit is the greater or higher spiritual consciousness of our self on the “divine” realm. “Divine” in quotes because it’s whatever that means to you. 
  12. Can you tell us more about the Spring Haven Spiritual Center?
    – The Center is where I provide services to the community through education, counseling, consultation, ministerial services and gatherings. Because of the recession, the center is only online right now as we lost the space when the recession hit our landlord pretty hard. So we haven’t moved back into a physical location as yet. And we may not for a little while longer.
  13. You also have a blog called Springwolf’s Reflections, can you tell us about it?
    – That’s my official author’s blog where I write about whatever strikes me during the week. I provide a daily tarot meditation message and share news about things I’m doing or working on. Along with spiritual articles that strike an interest for the day or events of the week.
  14. Can you tell us about Pagan Metaphysics 101: The Companion book?
    – The companion reviews how we set up patterns in our life and how we can change those negative patterns that hold us back. Using affirmations and conscious actions we can change the things we don’t like about ourselves and let go of the old patterns that we don’t want or need.
  15. You have several more metaphysical books available, can you tell us about them.
    – Pagan Metaphysics 101 is the first book in a series. I’m hoping the remaining books will be published over the next few years. They cover more details about Walking Your Talk through meditation, energy and action; Holistic Healing, Pagan Metaphysics and Shamanism and Practices and Rituals. My hope is to provide the underlying spiritual insight of Pagan Metaphysics, not simply what holidays we celebrate, how to set up an altar and cast a spell. But rather why we do the things we do and what that means within a ritual.
  16. I know you’re on the radio from time to time. Care to talk about that?
    – Since the book was released I’ve been asked to appear on a few different programs for interviews or as a guest host. This month I’ve joined a show called The Ænigma Project hosted by Paul Cagle, with his co-host Sushi. It’s a discussion group focused on the realm of the supernatural, paranormal and mysterious events that sometimes take place in our lives. It’s a great deal of fun and I couldn’t be more excited to be part of it.

Well thank you Spring, for sitting down with me this afternoon and sharing some insights into your book. I think it’s a wonderful offering for people who are looking for that underlying spiritual foundation of their pagan practice. I know I can speak for many who say we’re looking for the next books to come out. And I hope we can talk about them when they’re released.

© Springwolfs Hanko

© 2012 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Springs Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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