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Soul Mates, Twin Souls & Karmic Relationships

Making Sense Of Spiritual Relationships

Finding Love In The Universe

We develop connections with other spirits and give them names to differentiate between them. We have Twin Souls, Soul Mates, Karmic relationships and the all important one, Spirit Mates. Each one has a purpose and each one is different. But in the commercialized world, their purpose has become blurred and confused.

All of our relationships are spiritual in nature. From metaphysical theory, we make agreements with others while in spirit to share time and space together here on the physical plane once we’ve incarnated.

We also make agreements with other spirits to help guide us through our incarnated path to learn lessons, share guidance and pay or redeem karma or both.

Each of these agreements are designed for one main purpose, to help our spirit learn, grow and work toward enlightenment. But that doesn’t mean that each of these agreements are the same. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knight of Swords

Knight Of Swords

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You don’t need brute strength to win the battle; you need a cause that’s pure and true. Rise above the pettiness and see beyond the mundane. Others are taking their frustrations out on you because they can’t control the situations or people around them. It’s not your fault, but you’re in the line of fire. So duck.

Additional Insight:

You have your own battles to deal with, don’t let someone pull you into theirs. Overcome the ridiculous drama and take time to raise your view above the trees. Sit still for a moment, close your eyes and imagine your consciousness moving up a staircase to your higher Divine Conscious mind. Walk out onto the balcony and survey what’s before you. From here you can see everything clearly and understand which battles are worth fighting and where to position your “troops” for victory. Keep you cause pure and true; and you will win the day!

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