Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Six of Wands – Inverted

Six of Wands: Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Don’t triumph yet, you still have unfinished business to attend to and someone is waiting for you to do it. While you’re celebrating, remember what you promised someone else you’d do. Keep the trust others have put in you intact. And remember, in business your reputation is everything. In life, it’s the only thing.

Additional Insight:

There’s a difference between important and imperative. While your work has been important, it’s not what has needed your attention. Ignoring what’s imperative tells those you’ve promised, they’re not at all important or worse you have no respect for their needs.

Don’t promise if you’re not going to deliver. It destroys the trust others have put in you, along with the respect they have for you.

When others are depending on you, prioritize who’s needs are more dire. The guy down the street might be important to business and bring in that large cash prize. But your promise is important to the one you gave it too. And regardless of what it costs you, the trust it creates will always be the one thing you cannot buy.

Step up and be the one that others know they can depend on. Make sure your reputation is one of good standing and respected above all else. Doing so will create the good karma you need to make your life a success, in business, in friendship and at home with family.

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I attract and acquire more happiness and financial abundance than I know what to do with!

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