Sunday Homily: Becoming One With Yourself

Carole Bourdo - "Wolf Song"

Carole Bourdo – “Wolf Song”

Spirit, Soul, Body – Living As One

Part of living and walking your talk, is learning to live as One with the Divine I think it’s hard for us to put it into a box of this life as Spirit in you life. Whatever that is to you, walking your path means bringing your spirit into your daily life and expressing the love and compassion in all things. Sometimes that can get confusing and people struggle with the concept of becoming one with spirit. How do we do this, what aspects of self are we uniting and connecting. How do we live the talk and belief of our spiritual path?

It can be a daunting perspective to grasp for some. And that’s understandable. Many spiritual teachers talk about “Becoming One”, and explain why it’s important. But how many break it down and explain the details of what that means and how it can be accomplished? Today, we’ll look at how Pagan Metaphysics looks at this concept and how we can become one with the self. Along with the Divine in your life.

To start we need to break down the aspects of self. Who are we? How are we connected and intertwined with the Divine in the first place? Living life actually starts with understanding the processes of physical Life and Death. You can read more about the Pagan Metaphysical view from “What Happens When We Die – The Process of Life and Death”  here on Springwolf Reflections. Understanding who we are as Spiritual beings and how we choose our past lifetimes to create a new embodiment helps to visualize the components of self that we’re bringing together.

I try to explain it like this:
We are Spirit (the individual), we use part of who we are to create each incarnation (the soul) to work through our chosen lessons, karma and spiritual mission when we’re incarnated. And that Soul creates memories and experiences while we’re incarnated (body/physical mind) to achieve that spiritual mission.

All three of those aspects are us, WE are the individual being from Spirit to body and back again.

Here in the body part of ourselves we often see the other two parts of self as something different, something apart from our individual self that we know and understand. But they’re not. We’re one being. We are the mind/body/spirit or another to state it is body/soul(mind)/spirit. To be a whole being, we need to learn to see and feel the whole of our self and not see each part as something separate or apart or outside of the us we know in the here and now.

If we were to put it into an example.
We as incarnated beings have 3 parts of ourselves during our lives.

1. We’re born and grow as a child who has its own memories, concepts and perspectives of our life. We hold this part of our life in our memories, it helps shape our personality, our strengths and weaknesses. This would be related to the Maiden aspect of the Divine.
2. We move into Adulthood, develop close relationships, go through loss, experience achievements, learn about life, accountability and responsibility and live through those experiences. This would be related to the Mother aspect of the Divine.
3. Then we move into old age where we gain wisdom, understanding, and can look back on our life with an objective perspective and say yeah I shouldn’t have done that, but I learned this from doing what I did do. That situation brought a lot of opportunities and gifts into my life and I’m thankful it happened. This would be related to the Crone aspect of the Divine.

Each phase our life Maiden/Mother/Crone is a different part of life that we go through, but they’re not the same. We see things differently in each phase. We look back or look forward with different perspectives that shape what we know, what we think and what we share not only with others, but with ourselves as well. We can separate these phases of our life into memories, ages, states of being. But in reality we’re talking about One single lifetime.

If you take that perspective and move it up in the spiritual realm, that’s all we’re talking about when we look at the Spirit, Soul and Body of self. Each lifetime isn’t a separate individual of spirit, it’s merely a different phase of our higher and complete existence of being.

So when we think about merging the Soul back into the Spirit after a physical death, we’re not really talking about wiping out “our” individuality as we see it from a physically incarnated being. We’re talking about bringing the knowledge, wisdom and the memories of that lifetime back into our overall spiritual existence. Like being the Old Crone who reaches back in time and pulls up a memory of knowledge to share as we play with your new grand child today.

We are one with our spirit and all our lifetimes. We create a veil between our life now and all those other memories from Spirit we don’t need in this incarnation, so we can focus on what we pulled into this existence to work on. When we return to our higher spirit, we simply drop the veil where we can view the entirety of who we are. Our individuality becomes clear from this higher level of consciousness and we understand how our own greater Spirit is our link to the Divine.

When we’re talking about becoming One with the Divine, it means being able to experience the moments in this life from all aspects of our self. To appreciate the moment in the here and now as an individual incarnated being. Understanding how this moment is an opportunity to address a karmic issue, or a spiritual lesson that fulfills the mission of our soul. Appreciating that moment as the blessing it is to move our Spirit forward toward Divine enlightenment.

In each thing we think, say and do, is a link to the greater Divine Consciousness that we’re already apart of. The choices we make, the reactions we express in those moments ripple through our entire being of self and touches the Divine force in our life. When we don’t take advantage of those links, we miss opportunities for greater understanding of why things happen the way they do in our lives. But when we can practice living in the moment from a higher perspective, we provide our self with the opportunity to understand, remove fear, and bring peace to your heart and emotions. The more we practice that perspective, the easier it becomes to do and the more we find ourselves doing it every day, every hour and every moment.

Becoming One the Self, brings all aspects of your life into one perspective of Divine Consciousness. Bringing greater understanding of your life, the challenges you face and why you choose that road, what the opportunity brings to your incarnation and which choice will give you the best outcome for your overall spiritual mission. That kind of peace of mind is a powerful thing in One’s life. And it’s not something you can’t achieve or acquire. You can be at peace in your life and it’s within your grasp right here and right now to attain it.

Many Blessings,

© Springwolfs HankoSpringwolf Reflections 2016 Motto:
I let go of worry and trust the Divine will care for me and my family.
I am filled with prosperity for financial and healthy abundance.

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One thought on “Sunday Homily: Becoming One With Yourself

  1. I’m really questioning my faith yet again in my life. At the age of 36 I lost my second husband just recently to suicide. And I am so spiritually dead since I was born im not Catholic I’m not Mormon I’m not a Christian what the hell am I where do i belong how do I fit in to this life equation? I’ve always been different, rare that’s me good or bad that’s me but mostly bad. Always sick have a chronic illness NJ o cure. Explain why your article stuck out to me?

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