A Sunday Homily – Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself!

Believe In Yourself!

Learn To Handle The Pressure

It’s not just something ministers try to teach for spiritual enlightenment. It’s also a big part of any competitive sport or business management course. Believing in yourself is a practice that crosses all avenues of life and can provide strength, endurance and success over nearly every challenge we face.

Bob Rotella is a sports psychologist. I learned about him through a Nascar segment that looks at the inner workings of drivers and teams. Yeah, of all places? Yep..even Nascar teams face pressure and challenges to be successful. Bob helps people find their true potential in life, said many of these auto-sports professionals. Many people are “normal” and good at what they do. But many want to take it to the next level. Especially professional athletes. But they’re not the only people who are looking for the keys to success or to help them deal with the pressures of life and attaining the success of their dreams and goals.

After watching the segment, I did a little research on Dr. Bob.  I found his website and an article I really liked and would like to share.  10 Rules On Mental Fitness in Golf Digest struck me a good deal and inspired me to realize how applicable these rules are to any situation we approach in life. We may not be amateur or professional athletes who approach work as a team. But we all work with a team regardless of which field of play or profession we’re on. Be it a playing field, business field or personal/family field, we all work within some form of team. No one is an island.

A team maybe an athlete and their coach, or other team mates and many coaches. But it could also be you and your boss, you and your employees or your partner, your family or even your spiritual family and colleagues. It’s interesting how applicable Bob’s rules can cross the street and apply to anyone in any situation of life.

Teams are often defined by the obstacles they overcome. You can help your team move forward and climb the mountain at the same time, by applying these simple rules.

So here are Bob’s rules and my description from a Spiritual Psychology, Pagan Metaphysical, perspective for utilizing  these in our every day life. With a little effort and conscious application we all can move forward in achieving our own Mental Clarity for Success, handling the pressure and putting the dream into practical steps for manifestation.

The 10 Rules For Mental Clarity To Succeed:

  1. Always believe you CAN win!
    You’re going to become what you think about yourself. You can watch others do what you want to accomplish and learn a thing or two from them. Reading and research help you learn about what you want to accomplish, but you need to apply that in reality and put it into practice. Whither it’s having the best swing on the field, being the best tarot reader, ghost hunter or estimator who bids jobs for your company, you have to practice your craft.
  2. Don’t be seduced by results.
    Don’t get lost in the process. Don’t look back and question yourself or how you’re doing before you’re even finished with what you have at hand. Live in the moment. Do what you know to be right and what you’ve practiced. Don’t continually judge your work and hold it up to a standard of past performance. Especially if that performance is seen as a failure!
  3. Sulking won’t get you anything.
    Don’t start feeling down because it feels like the world is against you or that you’re facing obstacles that others aren’t facing. Everyone has their challenges. Those that succeed, face their challenges one at a time and allow themselves to live in the moment to adapt, innovate and overcome. If you try to take on everything all at once, you’re going to feel overwhelmed. But if you break down the challenges and deal with one at a time, you’ll knock them out and gain confidence with each win. Start with the little things and work your way through to what you think are the bigger challenges. By the time you get to the big ones, you’ll look back and realize, they’re not as big as you thought they were and just as easy to overcome as the little challenges were.
  4. Beat them with patience.
    The worst thing you can do in any situation is get impatient. Impatience causes people to make choices without thinking things through and more often than not, they regret those choices. Be calm and go with the flow. Focus on what’s here now and what needs to be attended to at this time. While others are in panic mode, you can step up and take advantage of the opportunities.
  5. Ignore unsolicited advice.
    Everyone has an opinion about what you should do or what you need to do. Before anyone even starts telling you what you used to do, what you do now, what you should be doing, stop them! No one else lives in your shoes but you. You’ve done the work, you’ve practiced your skill and you’ve built up your sub-conscious for the opportunities that open to you. Allow your own confidence to carry you across the bridge from opportunity to success.
  6. Embrace your personality.
    We all have our own process of thinking and focusing on a task. Some people like to chit-chat and build a relationship, even if it’s a brief 3 minute talk, before discussing business. Others simply feel they have way to much on their plate to waste time talking about the weather. What ever bucket you fall in, embrace it. If it works for you and helps you maintain your focus, then don’t be critical of it. It’s who you are.
  7. Have a routine to lean on.
    When you’re under pressure you’re more likely to miss something that may cause issues after the fact. Whatever you do, set a routine and practice that routine as much and as often as you can. When it becomes second nature to you, you’ll be able to get through stressful situations much easier and with greater focus.
  8. Find peace on your stage.
    When opportunity arrives many people fall into a sudden feeling of panic. All the “what if” questions begin to pop into their head. What if I mess up, what if I can’t do this or that, what if..blah blah. That negative self talk will destroy all you’ve practiced for and all the hard work you’ve put into your chance to win. No matter what the event or situation is, you can only succeed if you ..follow Rule 1!
  9. Play against yourself.
    Practice makes perfect. But practice against the standards of others is always a bad idea. Look at it this way, if you feel you don’t know something, how will you be able to judge the performance or job of someone else. What if they know even less than you and you’re holding your standard up to someone who’s standard is inaccurate? But when you play against yourself and your own standard, you force yourself to improve from where you currently are. If you bid projects, sit back and look it as if you’re reviewing a competitor’s bid. Where would you improve it? Constantly pushing yourself, helps you move the bar and forces others to compete to your standard.
  10. Find someone who believes in YOU!
    Here’s where the role of the team comes into play. No matter who you are, you’re going to have moments of distress where you’re ready to give up. Perhaps you don’t feel as though you’re providing for your family, a big one for guys. Or maybe you feel as though you’re not giving enough time or attention to your kids, a big one for working mothers. Behind every successful person is someone who wouldn’t let them give up. Often it’s a spouse, but it might be a parent, a best friend, a life coach or professional colleague.
    Having confidence in yourself is important, but it helps to have someone who believes in you, too, whether it’s a spouse, a friend, a teacher, or even a sport psychologist.

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An Interest Side Note:
When I published this homily, my blog tells me this was the 777th post. A number I couldn’t ignore.

In Shamanistic Numerology we’d add these numbers like this:

2 + 1=3
the number for insight: 3

3) Three – The number of spirit, the whole (mind/body,spirit), wisdom and enlightenment, bringing empowerment.

  • This number is associated with Mars.
  • This number is associated with the Birch Tree.
  • This number is associated with the Snow Goose.
  • It represents the energy world or physical magik. It is a number of balance for feminine and masculine energy.
  • Positive Direction: 3 can denote intelligence and a unique ability to understand all sides. Because of this it’s a number of justice or fairness; being able to balance out all sides of an argument and working out the best for all sides. It’s a great number to have for those in the spiritual or legal professions.
  • Negative Direction: In reverse 3 can be overbearing, intrusive and disregarding fairness. It becomes a number of judgement based on self serving outcomes or a sense of righteousness.

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