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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Queen of Swords


Queen of Swords

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Sing your song and let the healing begin. Stop worrying about what others think, you don’t need their approval. Focus on what you’re searching for within, instead of outside yourself. Take time to avoid the angst and stress by saying “No” to the invitation you really don’t want to attend. If you want to take off from the social scene over the next 4 months; then do it. It’s your life, you should live it the way you want, and perhaps need, to live and focus on you for a little while!

Additional Insight:

Don’t let others guilt you into doing things, going places or thinking the way they are telling you to. Their guilt trip isn’t yours to carry, so stop picking up their fears and worry. They don’t know everything that’s going on and they’re not the ones who need to get through the hurt and healing you face. You can’t learn lessons for others, any more than they can learn lessons meant for you.

Taking time off from the situations that have caused you stress and anxiety can provide time for you to heal. But it can also give you time to figure out what lessons those situations are trying to show you. Especially if you’re repeating a pattern that continues to end with the same result.

This is the Divine’s way of telling you that you’re not walking the path of your intended spiritual mission. You’re fighting hard against the current, because this may not be the stream you’re supposed to be taking; at least at this time. If there’s one constant in the universe, it’s that all things do change. But instead of simply changing the players on the stage, you may need to change the play, or maybe even the entire playhouse.

It’s hard to decide where you should be, when you’re only point of reference is a continual rehashing of the same circumstances over and over. Patterns get in the way of noticing the other doors that maybe open to you. Sometimes it can be really hard to break the negative patterns when you don’t even realizing they are happening. In those cases, it’s time to stop dead in your tracks, make a conscious decision to focus on you, your inner body/mind/spirit and allow yourself to see the vicious cycle.

Only when you acknowledge it will you be able to accept that you’ve been walking along this patterned path. Once you accept it, you can forgive yourself for looking outside your being for answers, instead of within. Once you’ve forgiven yourself, you start the real healing and allow yourself to focus on what’s really important, and where you need to be going. That’s when you learn the lesson and break the pattern.

Give yourself the time and attention you deserve. Cry, scream, yell and do what you need to do while you’re alone and can get it out of your system without causing harm to anyone else. If you can’t be alone with yourself, how is anyone else going to be alone with you. Be comfortable and proud of who you are. Be your own best friend and take care of yourself, the way you want to take care of those you care about. After all, don’t you care about you? .

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