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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knight of Cups

Knight Of Cups
It’s ok to show off your feathers like a peacock once in a while. Who else is going to be proud of your accomplishments if not you? There’s a difference between flaunting your achievement and simply being proud of yourself. You worked hard, you reached for this short-term goal and it’s ok to be happy about it. Celebrate…buy yourself an icecream cone or an arrangement of flowers!

Additional Insight:

It isn’t very often in our life that we achieve something we set our mind to. Whither it’s pass the class that was so challenging, getting on the Deans List, acquiring your degree, being approved for a loan, getting a new car or simply getting all the leaves cleaned up from your yard from the colorful falling leaves. You worked hard at the task and it’s worth patting yourself on the back for getting it done.

Leaving the celebration to the big things means you’re waiting a long time in between moments to pat yourself on the back. Life really is too short for that. Each little accomplishment re-energizes your being and gives a boost to both your psyche and your soul. Celebrate them. Don’t take them for granted.

Allow the little achievements to give you strength to go on to the next goal. Each little step can quickly become a mile forward. Before you know it, you’ve attained a big dream and set new goals to reach for and celebrate. Believe in yourself, by celebrating your accomplishments and letting yourself say “I DID IT”!

“You should set [at least one] goal beyond your reach so you always have something to live for.” ~ Ted Turner

“When you achieve a goal of any kind, let it be your motivation to set a new and bigger goal to reach for.” ~ Springwolf.

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