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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Star – Inverted

The Star - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Don’t be so focused today that you can’t see for the forest for the trees. If you put all your attention to one thing, you’ll miss the bigger picture about what’s going on around you. Get your nose out of the details and watch where you’re going. You may miss the change of instructions or worse, you could lose something else you should have been keeping an eye on.

Additional Insight:

 It’s a day to take a step back and make sure you see and understand the entire picture. Get your nose out of your phone and watch where you’re going. Look up from you pc and make sure you know who’s in the room and what they’re doing. Get your mind out of the video game and pay attention to what you should be focused on. Don’t ignore those around you in favor of that one thing that has all your attention!

Too much of anything isn’t good for you and that’s certainly true today. Whither it’s a special friend that you’re giving all your attention to or a project that you’re overly focused on look up! Don’t miss the beauty of the stars in the sky or the other good things you have around you.

What’s on your phone, in that video game or the excitement of a new special friend is not worth losing the other things around you that you care about. Your friends, your job, your family and children are a bigger part of your life and deserve your attention too.

Don’t end the day in sorrow over what you have lost because you couldn’t take a step back and see the forest. The phone call or text coming in while you’re driving can certainly wait. You may think you’re smart enough or astute enough to handle the phone while driving; you can’t. You’re no different from anyone else and it’s a deadly, arrogant choice to make. It may also cost you something very important to your life.

It’s a good day to look up and appreciate everything else that’s going on. Be aware of your surroundings for your own safety. Give time and attention to all your friends so they know you still care about them too. Catch the silly thing your child just did and have a much needed laugh to boost your spirit. Balance your day with what needs to get done and what’s going on around you. You’ll end up having a better day than you thought and there may even be a prize or acknowledgment for noticing something that no one else saw.

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