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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knight of Wands

Knight Of Wands

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Be watchful of your thoughts this week. Stop letting the negativity get in your head and dismiss the choices that will bring you success. Letting the fear play over and over could feed the concern you have instilled in your mind, even when there’s no reason for it. The other shoe isn’t going to drop. The floor isn’t going to drop out beneath you. You’ve paid your dues and it’s time to accept the flow that’s leading you to a new place. Go where you’re needed and let go of the past.

Additional Insight:

Being Mindful isn’t simply a spiritual practice. It’s a method of controlling your thoughts and talking yourself out of the worry and anxiety that isn’t even present in you life. It reminds you to be careful what you think and how you think about it. It teaches us that we must be balanced in our thoughts and that too much of anything (good or bad) isn’t good for us. Wash away the fear and let it be replaced with success. Continue reading

Be Yourself

Inspiration Reflection

Simply Be Yourself ~ Springwolf 🐾 © 2007

Simply Be Yourself ~ Springwolf 🐾 © 2007


Yes those tests are fun and some can be rather humorous, but are they really you? Probably not. They were probably created by someone looking to have a little fun, or maybe even to advertise some product they’re trying to sell. Very few of them have any real psychological substance to them.

I can’t tell you how many emails, letters or conversations I’ve had with people who have started a sentence by saying “I took one of those online tests and it said I’m….”. Even if you’ve taken a test for fun, repeating the result more than three times starts making it a real definition of who you are from your own perspective.

Repeating a perspective three times and it becomes recorded in your memory. It turns into a belief of how you see yourself. It’s a thought you replay or if it came with an image, a picture that can pop into your head over and over and over, for years and decades to come. You believe it, so you implement its perspective or sentiment into your personality, your character and how you react and relate to the world around you.

Some people might say, well what’s wrong with that? I like being the Goddess Isis. Or the Angel Gabriel. Or akin to Mae West or the movie the Movie Alien. If it’s the characteristics used to define those characters or titles, then by all means associate yourself with compassion, strength, confidence or whatever attribute you like. It’s the energy of the character you can link yourself to, not the character them self. Who may have more baggage attached to them, than you may realize today.

Be careful when you say “I want to be just like you”, because you don’t know all the hardships and struggles someone may have gone through to become the person they are today. And you could be setting yourself up for similar tragedies without even knowing it.

You are the perfect incarnation of the Divine spirit here on Earth. No one else has your unique qualifications to live your life, learn your lessons, receive payments on karma owed to you, or repay the karma you may owe to others. You are you for a reason. Accept yourself. Approve of yourself. Be the best you, that you can be. Spend your time on being who you are and love who you are.

© Springwolfs Hanko

© 2014 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Springs Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

A Sunday Homily – Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself!

Believe In Yourself!

Learn To Handle The Pressure

It’s not just something ministers try to teach for spiritual enlightenment. It’s also a big part of any competitive sport or business management course. Believing in yourself is a practice that crosses all avenues of life and can provide strength, endurance and success over nearly every challenge we face.

Bob Rotella is a sports psychologist. I learned about him through a Nascar segment that looks at the inner workings of drivers and teams. Yeah, of all places? Yep..even Nascar teams face pressure and challenges to be successful. Bob helps people find their true potential in life, said many of these auto-sports professionals. Many people are “normal” and good at what they do. But many want to take it to the next level. Especially professional athletes. But they’re not the only people who are looking for the keys to success or to help them deal with the pressures of life and attaining the success of their dreams and goals. Continue reading