Sunday’s Homily – It’s Nice To Have Dreams

Dreams Inspire, Empower and Create Hope

Sleeping WolfIt’s always good to have dreams. They inspire your imagination, keep hope alive in your life and give you a goal or more to shoot for and manifest. No dream is too far out or outlandish. You may be the person who discovers how to create a time machine or the warp drive engine that allows people to travel at the speed of light.

Every day the human race is learning something new. CERN’s discovery of the Higgs Boson has opened the doors to a wide variety of possible things that 10 years ago no one would think possible. Including traveling at the speed of light.

For me, as a spiritual teacher, having dreams creates something more personal and down to earth; Hope. Take hope away from someone who has nothing but hope and you will destroy that person’s life. For some, Hope is all they have. A hope that tomorrow will be a better day. A dream of living a better life can be all the inspiration one needs to endure, overcome and persevere. In the economic struggles of this “Great Recession” there are many, all over the world who have already lost everything and only have hope left. It’s a simple dream that gets them through one more day.

The dreaming is a critical part of our imagination and creative powers. We can’t create or achieve our goals without ‘dreaming/visualizing’ them first. I think that’s what’s happened to many people in the world today. They’re think daydreaming is for kids, not realizing that it’s a critical component to being happy…and having things to look forward too. When you give up your dreams…it’s like giving up on life! I talk to tarot clients everyday. It amazes me how many of [of my clients] tell me I don’t have any dreams anymore…I gave up on them long ago. They’re the ones who are the most depressed and unhappy with their lives.” ~ Rev. Lyn Williams

Having a dream or many dreams can be a very powerful thing. No dream is too small, or too insignificant, or too big. It maybe something an individual wants for them self to improve their life, or to decorate their world, or to be their little place in the universe that’s just theirs to escape into, or something that allows them to help others on varying levels. It can be a thing that makes their life easier, a place they’ve longed to be, a position for the work they’ve longed to do. It can be a small thing, like a ring that signifies security and partnership. A car that allows them to do their daily chores in safety and with a sense of security that they’re going to get there and back in one piece.

It’s Nice To Have Dreams Dreams Inspire, Empower and Create Faith
Give Yourself Permission To Dream!
~ © 2012 Springwolf 🐾 ~

Driving your child to school in a car that needs breaks or might break down at any moment adds a great deal of stress to a person regardless of where they are in the world. They get in their car and pray “Please let us make it one more day.” Do we judge those people for wanting a material object? Not in my world we don’t. And why shouldn’t they be allowed to dream that car is a Mercedes, a Land Rover or a Cadillac? We all have a right to dream big and want nice things.  We even have a right to work to obtain them.

My Bugatti Veyron

It’s ok to dream for “things”. If it makes you happy and inspired. Dream it!

Some people hold many dreams within their consciousness. Setting priorities for the things they want to accomplish, achieve and yes to acquire. There’s the “nice to have dreams”, the “wouldn’t it be awesome to do dreams”, and the dreams that give one strength and determination to face another day of struggle.

This week we’re watching the 2012 Olympics in London. I have been struck by the number of interviews with these Olympians who talk about having a dream at the start of their training and how those helped them in achieving their goals. Some simply dreamed of being at and participating in the games. Others dream of winning a medal and standing on a podium. Most dream of gold and being at the top of their abilities. All of these accomplishments began years ago. For some it began decades ago when they first visualized an Olympic Official hanging a ribbon around their neck with a gold medal dangling on the end. They imagined the weight of the medal, the cool feel of it when they touched it for the first time, the glistening sparkle as they looked at it with the camera flashes exploding around them.

Anyone can create these kinds of dreams in their life to inspire, empower and create hope. Allow yourself to dream and inspire your world and your conscious mind. Give yourself something to focus your energies onto in order to focus your actions and drive your spirit. Allow your dreams to give you strength to get through the struggles, face the challenges and inspire your mind to resolve the issues that try to hold you back.

When you give attention to your dreams, their energy can provide positive empowerment for your life. As you remember what you put out, your create and receive. All that hard work to achieve will be rewarded. Not only on a physical level, but it can manifest spiritually as well. And when that happens, the union of your energy and that of the Divine Creative energy are unstoppable.

I Have A Dream
I have many dreams. A few little ones that come to mind when I try to think of ways to help others, or broaden my ability to communicate with others. One of my biggest dreams was to write about what I have learned in life and on my spiritual path and get it published. I never gave up on that dream and in 2010 that dream began to manifest. There’s nothing like opening a box from your publisher and seeing your book there in front of you. Holding it in your hands and smelling the ink float out of box. That dream hasn’t stopped with the first book. There are more to be written and hopefully get published along with it.

Pagan Metaphysics 101 – The Beginning of Enlightenment
by Springwolf

Write your list of dreams, what ever they are. Things you want, things you want to achieve or acquire, it doesn’t matter. Prioritize them if you want. Start a blog and write about them. Give them real thought and energy to help you create and manifest them into your life. As you achieve one dream, replace it with a new dream. Keep a journal and write about what you did that day or that week to help it become a reality in your life. Hang your list on the fridge or on a mirror you look in every day. Read your list every morning, or each night before you go to bed.

Use creative visualization in your meditations to imagine the details of your dreams as if you have already achieved them. Put them into reality in your mind and allow them to inspire your actions for that day or week. Have a dream and give it energy to manifest in your life.

My Inspiration
I’m a very visual person. Pictures, drawings and paintings always grab my attention when they’re linked to a thought I’m already drawn to.

One of my newest dreams was inspired by a picture I saw on Facebook. I would like to build this on our utility trailer, haul it to the Renfaires we attend and use it as a divination house. Now wouldn’t that be absolutely awesome?! I’ve thought about this little house a lot. What I would add, how big it would be, what I’d change to create it in my character. Like a curved roof and a more gypsy character design.

Spring’s Haven Divination House
It’s Good To Have Dreams

I shared this with my husband who immediately started designing it in his head. When you share your dreams with someone special in your life, their energy can help generate that creative force within the Divine Consciousness to manifest it into reality.

When someone shares their dream with you, support their vision, talk about it and discuss your ideas. My husband used his engineering skills to talk about how wide it could be on the trailer and still be legal. The Department of Transportation (DOT) sets the limit for commercial vehicles at 8.5ft wide and 13.5ft high. The pitch of the roof could be altered to make the room tall enough to maximize the space, yet remain within those limits. The sides could be extended over the wheel wells of the trailer to widen the structure, but stay within the limit set by DOT. And my favorite suggestion, the ends of the tree roots could be carved into the shape of a wolf or wolf heads!

We talked about hanging flowering plants off the branches that extend off the roof line, and that inspired a vision of wrapping flowering vines around the decorative branches on the side of the building and along the staircase. My son suggested decorating the outer floor with seasonal items, like pumpkins for the fall, snow and holly for the winter and spring flowers or wading pools for the summer. What a great idea from a 9 year old!

When I thought about how to hide the wheels and metal structure of the trailer once the house is parked, we came up with the idea of a small wooden fence used for gardening to wrap around the trailer. Then my son got another idea for lighting the outside with small hanging ‘old time’ lanterns. We all had some great ideas that inspired other ideas that added to the energy and impressions of “our” little divination house.

It’s not a big leap from those impressions to the visualizations of bringing this into reality. Imagine what others would think when they saw this driving down the road and passing by on the highway. How would others look at the house when they’re walking around the local renfaires. Imagine a couple walking up the carpet covered ramp and up the stairs into the log room. Each little creative idea that inspires a visualization puts that much more energy into manifesting your dream into reality.

Dreams Come True
Dreams can come true when you hold them within your consciousness and share their energy with those you love and gain support from. When you support the dreams of those in your life, or gain support from those you share your dreams with, you are helping to energize the thoughts and ideas. That energy travels onto the ethereal realm and begins to manifest. As long as you keep it alive, and continue to energize it, allow it to inspire your focus, work on its creation and share it with others, you can achieve your dreams too.

Update your dreams and allow them to evolve over time. You’re evolving each and every day as a person and spirit. So your dreams should be allowed to change, grow and even change into something brand new. Give yourself permission to dream and allow your imagination to visualize those dreams without limitations or restrictions. You can do it, because you are one with the Divine Spirit in your life! Allow yourself to dream, dream big and believe it can happen. No matter how big it is, or how outlandish you might think it is.

Additional Reading 

Dream Evolution
Along with the Divination House, I’ve dreamed the layout of the ultimate spiritual center to house Spring’s Haven. Complete with a meditation garden, and a fung shui water feature to keep the energy moving around the building. The classes and lectures I’d like to hold in the building, along with Sabbat celebrations and events we can hold at the center. It would be so kewl to hold an annual Witches Ball each Samhain. But I still have dreams for “things” that would make me smile. For instance, here’s my updated materialistic dream for 2016:

2016 Bugati Chiron

2016 Bugatti Chiron
Yeah so what if it’s 2.8million dollars. I think it’s awesome!
And it’s my dream. So get your negative pessimism out of my head. 😉

Never be afraid to Dream YOUR dreams and dance your dance. Keep hope alive in your world and share your visions with others. You never know what might happen to open a door and create an opportunity that propels your dream into reality.

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