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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing – The Priest

The Priest

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Your presence brings healing to others. When you allow your spiritual perspective to guide your steps and reactions, you provide inspiration to others in need. Living by example goes along way to getting your message across, in business, in personal affairs and on your spiritual path. Take pride in the positive changes you’ve made in your life, but don’t become prideful. Take a deep breath of confidence as you walk onto a new road, but breath out arrogance. Allow your humility to speak for your actions, and though it maybe hard to do sometimes, it really is ok to take a compliment and say thank you without making a joke out of the praise first.


Additional Insight:

By rising above the drama/traumas of the mundane, you can view the world around you through spiritual perspectives. Doing this allows you to see the reasons behind events, why things have occurred the way they have and what lessons are being shared. There’s no reason to respond with knee jerk reactions and add to the drama that is only meant to manipulate you and those around you.

Responding with calmness keeps the power of battle on your side. It allows you to think things through with intelligence, instead of the expected emotion and planned response your adversaries are looking for. It also provides inspiration to those around you who are looking for direction, a leader or someone to emulate in hopes of making their lives better. When you practice what you preach, you are that inspiration. But don’t let the admiration go to your head. There’s a fine line between humility and ego.

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