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Sunday’s Homily – It’s Nice To Have Dreams

Dreams Inspire, Empower and Create Hope

Sleeping WolfIt’s always good to have dreams. They inspire your imagination, keep hope alive in your life and give you a goal or more to shoot for and manifest. No dream is too far out or outlandish. You may be the person who discovers how to create a time machine or the warp drive engine that allows people to travel at the speed of light.

Every day the human race is learning something new. CERN’s discovery of the Higgs Boson has opened the doors to a wide variety of possible things that 10 years ago no one would think possible. Including traveling at the speed of light.

For me, as a spiritual teacher, having dreams creates something more personal and down to earth; Hope. Take hope away from someone who has nothing but hope and you will destroy that person’s life. For some, Hope is all they have. A hope that tomorrow will be a better day. A dream of living a better life can be all the inspiration one needs to endure, overcome and persevere. In the economic struggles of this “Great Recession” there are many, all over the world who have already lost everything and only have hope left. It’s a simple dream that gets them through one more day. Continue reading