Sunday Homily: The Strength In The Negative

Knave of Swords

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

The Balance of Positive & Negative

What happens when the only things you see in your life are “negative”. Fighting, struggle, animosity and every other bad emotion or perspective seem to be prevalent and always present. Do you ask yourself what am I doing wrong? Why am I being persecuted? Why Me?

How Do You See?
As with all situations in your life,  there are two ways to see the messages present before you. Every event has a positive and negative flow. But that doesn’t necessarily mean all are good and bad at the same time.

Sometimes we forget the negative flow of energy isn’t a “bad” thing. In the pursuit of balance you must have positive and negative energies to make things work. A battery has a positive and negative side, without both you can’t power your electronics. Does that make the negative side a bad side of the battery? Should we be mean to it, or judge it harshly? No, of course not. And that’s true for the situations in our life too.

The Knave Of Swords
The tarot can be a good tool to use in the explanation of this concept. When I picked a card to share this message, the Knave of Swords came forth, so let’s take a look at what she has to share.

The first message starts with the energy of the suit. In this case the Swords. Swords represent Strength & Weakness, Endurance & Struggle, Respect & Animosity.

The card doesn’t have to be inverted to take on the meaning outlined in the negative energy flow, as in the perspective of being a bad thing. Good and bad, positive and negative are always present, so they can be right there in front of you without you even realizing it or seeing it until it’s too late.

From one perspective, the Knave looks to be having fun, which takes an inner strength to look beyond the hardships and see the joy in all things and situations. The silver lining of the dark storm clouds. She is showing endurance, it’s not easy to do flips in the air when you’re exhausted from fighting tooth and nail against the world around you. And she seems to be sharing her respect of self and those around her by putting on a show to bring others up out of the struggles they’re facing in her life. To encourage, lighten the heavy emotions that keep you down and weak.

But is that the only thing this positive message is telling us? By constantly focusing on the fun, she is ignoring her responsibilities. Out of sight, out of mind isn’t a good thing, so how can her message be positive and uplifting while she’s not being respectful of the consequences of her own actions? We need both elements of the positive and negative flow to create the balance between good and bad to create the happy balance of all things.

theknaveFrom the other side, how you view the world right now based on our own perspectives, can change the message of the card (along with the situations in your life) and what you see.

Look at her face and in particular her eyes. Do you see a look of disdain, or an “I don’t care about you or what you’re going through” glance? You may not because you’re facing the world with joyous eyes.

But The Knave can also say, my world is what I demand it to be and you don’t fit in it. I don’t care about your struggles or weaknesses. My compassion is reserved for me and my world. The outer skin of the knave says “I’m sweet, happy and carefree. I’m kind and full of life”.

theknave2But behind that pink loving energy are expressions of living in a bubble, the deadly or dangerous vines of disrespect or disdain that can trip you up on your journey. Looking down on those who can’t fly high or who aren’t part of the bright yellow world of success you imagine you’re part of in the here and now. She’s cruel, easily angered and ready to do battle through influence, rumor and perhaps even by being a bully.

The attitude we hold within ourselves has a lot to do with how we view the world around us in that moment in time. This is one reason being Mindful is so important. You might be going through some of the biggest struggles and challenges of your life right now. You might be constantly fighting with or against something or someone. You might be drained of energy, or angry about being forced to fight battles you feel you shouldn’t have to engage in. But how you use that anger and those emotions determine the “good” or “bad” components of the situation and how you view them.

“I did everything right and yet I’m the one being punished”.
I’ve said that statement several times over the past two weeks. In the beginning it was said out of surprising realization, a “say what?” question of surprise. But the bigger the struggle became, the more anger and sense of self-preservation set in. It has become a battle cry that WILL win the war and not only the skirmish.

Self preservation sometimes means gaining strength through the will to fight against an injustice. How you fight is the key to using the negative energy to your benefit. But fighting in and of itself is not always a bad thing.

If you stab someone in the back, cheat, lie, steal or otherwise do to harm to someone else in order to win at all costs, then yes, you’ve taken the wrong road with negative energy. But if you rise above, fight fair, with head on determination, courage, passion and adhere to the rules of the game, you can use that “negative” flow of energy for good. Using every twist and turn to your advantage within the field of battle to gain the tactical advantage isn’t a bad thing either. But it is using the negative flow of the situation to gain the needed leverage. By doing this you can use the negative energy to win with confidence. As long as you also show a side of compassion once the battle is over. The pursuit of righting an injustice is worth the fight.

When we view the messages around us, we use our free will and choice to make the determination of what we choose to see. If you wallow in self-pity, constant anger and animosity, you will blind yourself from seeing the bigger lesson and the tactical advantages that will help you win the justice fight. Both messages are always present. But you must use discernment to look through the shadows and see the light of the events being presented to you.

It’s your choice for which view you will take. You can use your anger to empower your sense of survival, as long as you use your sense of respect and honor to fight fair. Even if your opponent isn’t playing by the same rules. Your actions control how you view what’s before you and how you will be viewed when the war is over. Sometimes we can’t avoid the fight. But when it’s presented, we can still make the choices to fight fair and fight justly.

Try not to look at the “good” and “bad”, but the positive and negative of all things. Which can guide you down the path of valiant action and recourse. Use the strength of the sword to empower your endurance that overcomes the struggle with respect and you will win the day.

© Springwolfs Hanko

© 2014 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Springs Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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