Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Star – Inverted


The Star - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

A star isn’t anything special or extraordinary. Its made of rock and generates its own power from within to shine. What you nurture within yourself will be what glows for the outer world to see. Be mindful today and make sure your light illuminates courage, strength and wisdom so you can claim this day as yours. Anything is possible, if you believe it to be.

Additional Insight:

Stop looking at others and thinking you can’t have what they have in their life. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but you don’t always know what’s going on behind their closed doors. Could be what they have in the material world is all they have. Yet you have more abundance in emotional support, health or a variety of other areas in your life that they don’t have.

Jealousy isn’t going to get you the brass ring. It’s only going to deplete your resources and take energy away from your ability to shine. It’s hard to light the sky when you’re constantly putting out your glow and choosing to stand in the shadows and darkness. Pay attention to your thoughts today!

Mindfulness is being aware and cognoscente of what you’re doing and how it resonates with your soul, spiritual mission and mental outlook. Both for a state of being and for a sense of living your beliefs and putting them into practice. It is about how you think creating how you view things, how you see what’s around you and how you react to situations and others in any given moment.

Stop looking at the world around you from a place of lack and start looking at it from a place of blessing. Stop longing for what you don’t have and start paying attention to what you do have. Focus on the abundance that IS within your life and you will give energy to your being to expand and grow that into other areas of your life. When you acknowledge your blessings, you allow them to energize your being and grow. As they expand, they touch the areas of your life where you might need additional help and energy to manifest “more” in your life.  Stay focused and you will see things turning around in mid to late summer.

Remember however that it takes a lot of fuel to shine that brightly. You must also take care of yourself in spirit, mind and body. Simply thinking the good thoughts, wanting to put your vision into reality and “putting it out there” isn’t going to get it done. You must also put the physical work in behind it. You must burn some fuel to light up the sky and shine your light for others to see. It’s not going to happen on its own simply by wishing for it too.

You are just as important, just as capable and just as blessed as the brightest star in the sky. Your light can grow and shine for all to see if you are willing to put the right energy into the right path and make the choice to see the world as a blessing of abundance. Today, put action into your mindfulness and get something done in the physical world that will begin the creation of your own illumination! 

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I am at peace and live in the moment with all the prosperity and abundance I require!

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