Sunday’s Homily: The Law Of Manifestation

The Simplicity Of Success

Give up the belief that you cannot have what you want, and you will be able to achieve your dreams.
~ Springwolf 🐾 ©2012

Thought is energy. What you think, you will create. That’s true whether the thoughts are positive, negative or indifferent. What you think, creates how you feel and what kind of world directly related to you, will be created. Patterns of thought feed the situations in your life. The more energy you give to a thought pattern, the more you create those thoughts in your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Negative thought patterns can create an uneasiness in your life. That dis-ease will often first appear in your physical body as an ailment. The more you ignore that negative thought, the greater the ailment can become. When you work to consciously change that pattern of thought, you bring healing to the situation. Hopefully you didn’t wait too long, and simply changing the pattern of thinking helps heal the ailment fully.

This can be true for situations in your life as well. Constantly assuming you can’t attain your dreams will establish a self-fulfilling prophecy. You don’t believe you can, so you unconsciously create failure in your life.

The first step to acquiring your dreams is to believe in yourself, to believe you already have the ability to make your dreams come true and that you WILL achieve success. Giving up the doubt releases the anchor that holds you back and releases you to manifest your own Divine Creative energy and succeed. Whether that dream is good health, love, financial abundance or your dream job.

What is the Law of Manifestation?
Thought is the creator behind all operations of manifestations in the material world. These manifestations cannot occur until a suggestion or thought, (some would call it a desire) hits the Subconscious mind. But the Subconscious must also ‘take in’ that thought and process it. 

Einstein once said, “Thought is energy, to create it (energy), just use your imagination.”

This quote is more accurate than perhaps Einie realized. Creative Visualization is the easiest way to being a creation of manifestation. But just having a daydream is not enough. Visualization has its own process of creation. Simply put, Visualization is the act of deliberately bringing into manifestation a desire or need by an exercise of picturing that desire in the ‘minds eye’, as if it has already happened and is in your possession. This is true whether the desire is material or ethereal. That means it’s true if your desire is changing a thought pattern that’s affecting your health, a situation like a new job or a material object such as a new car.

This process, when performed successfully, will eventually become a thought form that is strong enough to manifest in the outer world; or physical world. This process requires both mental and visual discipline so as not to cloud one’s mind with how can I attain this? How can I dare expect this to happen? Even the slightest pessimistic thought can slow down, alter or even negate the attempt at the manifestation. Remember, the divine universe is about balance. If you visualize something happening, you can also visualize something not happening and the two images will cancel each other out into nothingness. Here is where the discipline occurs.The picture in the mind’s eye should be clear and exact as to the final desire/need. In as much detail as possible, so the Divine process (which includes you) can build and create that which you are trying to manifest.

The more detail you give your vision, the more of your energy you are putting into it. Think of this as the ‘taking in’ of the Subconscious. You are allowing this energy to build up in the etheric world by holding it as long as possible within the Subconscious.

At times, repeating this process daily, can and will add to the manifestation. Generally, manifestations such as this will happen more quickly if the exercise is performed directly after meditation or in an altered Alpha state of consciousness, where the subconscious mind is more readily prepared to accept the vision. Now there are many techniques to create a visualized desire, take it in and send it out to the ethereal world for manifestation. For instance you can use just the vision, or make something to add to the vision that symbolizes your desire. You can incorporate an object, a picture, or write something that states what you desire into a ritual or magik rite to help you focus on that dream. It’s up to you. Here are just a couple of examples. 

Simple Vision
After a meditation, visualize what you want. Imagine it in as much detail as possible. Speak to it, put all the effort you can into that one creative desire. Imagine your higher consciousness pulling the image into your subconscious. You can do this a couple of ways. One easy method is to imagine and feel the vision going from your creative mind into your 3rd eye (the point between your eyes and above the brow). Now imagine your subconsciousness moving that vision into a crystal ball and pushing it out into the ethereal world for manifestation. The ball becomes your vehicle or gateway to divine. 

Fire Method
After a meditation, visualize what you want. Imagine it in as much detail as possible, but this time, write it down on paper. You want to do the same process as the simple vision. Pull into your subconscious mind, and give it form and energy from your own desire. Imagine you energy imprinting the desire onto the paper you’ve written on. Place the paper in a glass or metal container. Light a match, imagine the fire being ignited is coming from your own inner spirit. Then set the paper a blaze. Imagine the smoke being the vehicle that is carrying your form to the ethereal world for manifestation. 

Magikal Ritual
On your altar you want to incorporate tools to represent your desire. If you want a new car, find a hot wheels model of the car you want. If you want some financial help with something, find a dollar or make a check payable to you and drawn on the Universal Bank Of The Divine. Sign the check with the name of your preferred deity if you wish. (Now as a disclaimer this is not a check you’re going to take to your bank! Please be reasonable here. This is just for your altar). Write a simple 4 verse poem that defines your desire. 

Talisman NecklaceCreate A Talisman
If your dream is to create health and/or to change a negative thought pattern you’ve developed, you might want to create a talisman. This doesn’t have to be a necklace, it can be anything that you want to carry with you each and every day. Clear the energy from the item, by sitting it in a bowl of sea salt. Be careful you know the salt won’t tarnish or otherwise damage the item. If you think it might, cut out a paper towel that’s as close to the same size of the object. Then lay the towel between the salt and the object you’re cleansing. 

Sit the salt bowl with the item in a place that receives sun and moon light for 24 hours. In a meditation or magik rite empower the object with the energy you want to create. Imagine your desire and see it moving into the object filling it with that energy. When ever you hold, touch or rub the talisman, call upon that energy you infused into the object.

Regardless of which method you use, think of it as a magikal potion. Each time you use it, you’re emptying the bottle. So from time to time you will have to repeat the method you used to refill the bottle. Depending on what the dream is, I suggest conducting the method at least bi-weekly and in conjunction with a deep meditation where you can focus on the energy and give it as much nourishment as possible to manifest.

Establish The Energy Within
After a meditation, visualize what you want. Light an altar candle and recite a verse or simply make a statement of intent. As for protection for your altar, call upon your chosen deity, ask your spirit guides for help and so on. Whatever you do to prepare for a prayer or more intense spell work.

Imagine your desire in as much detail as possible and hold the object you’ve chosen to represent your desire in your hand. Make a statement that this object represents your true desire and is the receptacle of your creative energy. Imprint all that visual energy on the object by imagining the energy moving from your creative center, through your subconscious mind, exiting through your third eye and moving into the object. When you are ready, recite your verse.

Place the item on your altar and light a candle that you’ve chosen to enhance the energy of your desire, recite the verse again. Imagine this candle as the beacon (like a large light house) burning upon the ethereal world for your desire to manifest. Don’t forget to make your honoring and thanks yous.

Now all of these methods require you to record what you want in your journal, Grimoire or Book of Shadows. Before you begin, record what you want, what you’re planning to do. Document all the detail needed for your visualization after the meditation. After your chosen method of manifestation, record what you did, what you felt and any thing extra you want to keep in writing. When your desire does manifest, record how it came to you, and now that you have it, what shall occur. And don’t forget a formal thank you to the Divine for the assistance in the manifestation. 

Very often, people think that creating your desires through spiritual manifestation is something that is convoluted and complicated. Energy, the ethereal world and magik really isn’t that complicated. The simple methods work just as well as the complex. There is a time and place for both. The method however will have little energy if you don’t understand the Law of Manifestation in the first place. Course, I’m hoping this homily has helped that in some manner. 😉

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  2. I read somewhere once, “the only thing standing between you and what you truly desire is the contract you have with yourself defining your limitations. Redefine the terms of the contract, and you redefine what is possible.” Thanks for such a positive message!

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