Archive | April 2, 2012

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing – The Chariot – Inverted

The Chariot

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Stay put and don’t spend the day grasping at straws. Today isn’t the day for making major decisions. Not everything is in place and the details still have to be worked out. Patience is the key for moving forward, even though you’re anxious to get started and move on. Wait till later in the week, when things are clearer and the actions of others have played out. You’ll be glad you did.

Additional Insight:

You’ve done well organizing, planning and working the steps for your next move. And while you maybe anxious and ready to get going, there are still issues that need to be worked out. And most of them are in the hands of other people. So don’t push too hard to move on, you may not like the results and everything you’ve worked for could fall apart. Instead, sit back and work on your little projects. Allow the Divine Universe to work through your plans and bring all the components together. Everything happens for a reason in its right time, right place and right space. So be PATIENT!  It’s in your best interest to do so.

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