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The Ænigma Project – Dreams and Dreaming – Listen Again

I was fortunate to be asked to appear on The Ænigma Project on April 16th with host Paul Cagle, S.E. Burns and Sushi. If you missed the show on Monday night, you can listen to the show on The Ænigma Project Archives at  Tenacity Radio – 2012-04-16-Dreams and Dreaming

Dreams and dreaming remain a mystery to many of us. What significance does dreamscape imagery hold for our everyday lives? Can deceased loved ones communicate with us through the medium of our dreaming mind? How does someone learn to control their dreams and sculpt the very essence of the world around them? These are a few of the topics that we will be discussing on the Ænigma Project, Monday April 16th. Join us and our special co-host Spring Wolf live as we discuss the many faceted aspects of our Dreams and Dreamscapes. Mondays 9 PM EST only on the Tenacity Radio Network.

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A Short Description of Pagan Metaphysics

The Consciousness of the MindI’ve received several emails and FB messages from people asking for a brief description of Pagan Metaphysics. A couple of these emails have indicated they’re writing papers for school. So I thought it might be helpful to simply post my short definition for those searching for the words to define the beliefs.

Pagan Metaphysics Is…
Physics is the study of the observed world. It is the study of what we can see, observe and determine from watching the reaction or interaction of tangible things. Metaphysics is the study beyond physics into the unseen world. That which we believe, but cannot see, still exists. Pagan Metaphysics is a balance of physics through the observation of the natural world and the natural laws of the Divine Universe. It is a balance of both physics and metaphysics applied through observation and personal experience of the unseen spiritual Universe.

Now for the more detailed look, I suggest reading the following:

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Ace of Swords – Inverted


Ace Of Swords - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You have attained a major victory today, a crowning achievement to be proud of and to celebrate. Take a little time out of the day to hoist a glass to yourself and your hard work! Even if you’re the only one at the part, don’t let the moment go by without acknowledgment. And make sure you share the news. Others may not know about your efforts, but you can still share your excitement. You deserve this! 


Additional Insight:

Your successes are far outweighing the challenges you face. You’ve overcome a great deal in the past few years. Tackling the hardships little at a time, you have proven to be a survivor! Revel in your strength and courage. Celebrate your willingness to look within and acknowledge the challenges that needed to be faced. Not everyone has the ability, or the desire to do that. So take time today to pat yourself on the back for this crowning achievement. You more than deserve it! You’ve earned it too!!

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