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The Ænigma Project – Dreams and Dreaming – Listen Again

I was fortunate to be asked to appear on The Ænigma Project on April 16th with host Paul Cagle, S.E. Burns and Sushi. If you missed the show on Monday night, you can listen to the show on The Ænigma Project Archives at  Tenacity Radio – 2012-04-16-Dreams and Dreaming

Dreams and dreaming remain a mystery to many of us. What significance does dreamscape imagery hold for our everyday lives? Can deceased loved ones communicate with us through the medium of our dreaming mind? How does someone learn to control their dreams and sculpt the very essence of the world around them? These are a few of the topics that we will be discussing on the Ænigma Project, Monday April 16th. Join us and our special co-host Spring Wolf live as we discuss the many faceted aspects of our Dreams and Dreamscapes. Mondays 9 PM EST only on the Tenacity Radio Network.

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