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Spring will be appearing on the Ænigma Project, Monday April 16th

The Ænigma Project, April 16th – Monday 9 PM EST on the Tenacity Radio Network, Hosted by Paul Cagle.

Dreams and dreaming remain a mystery to many of us. What significance does dreamscape imagery hold for our everyday lives? Can deceased loved ones communicate with us through the medium of our dreaming mind? How does someone learn to control their dreams and sculpt the very essence of the world around them? These are a few of the topics that we will be discussing on the Ænigma Project, Monday April 16th. Join us and our special co-host Spring Wolf live as we discuss the many faceted aspects of our Dreams and Dreamscapes. Mondays 9 PM EST only on the Tenacity Radio Network.

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Hey..I hit a mile marker with this post. This is the 100th post on my new blog! Woohoo! Mini-celebration! Think I’ll have a cookie.

Divination & Spirit Communication

How Do Spirits Connect To You For Communication

This article assumes a person who is attempting divination knows how to clear energy and shield themselves and the area they’re working in. Anyone who doesn’t know how to do that is inviting any type of entity into their divination session.

Spirit CommunicationRecently I have been asked about how spirits connect with a psychic or channel for purposes of communication. Not just for divination, but also for guidance and attaining insight into ones spiritual path and enlightenment. 

To answer that question I decided to provide my understanding of the “technical” explanation of how spirit energy can connect to our higher consciousness and how spirit communication occurs once that connection is made.

The first thing I’d say here is that everyone is psychic to some degree and everyone has the potential to communicate with spirit. Some call it intuition, others call it gut feeling, but whatever label you’re assigning to the instinct, it’s an ability we all have. Being psychic doesn’t make you special, or unique. It’s a natural sixth sense that we all have. Some of us simply are more aware of it and have tapped into that sense to use it in our daily lives. But it’s something that can be learned. With routine meditation, study, practice and experience anyone can communicate with their own higher spiritual consciousness and with their own connection to the higher Universal Divine Consciousness. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knight of Cups –

Knight Of Cups

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Chivalry is on your side, so ride your magik carpet over the fray. There are battles going on all around you today, none of them are yours to fight. Stay above it all, don’t give your input or get sucked into the negative games being played. Set some shields of protection, stay focused on your own mission and you can avoid being burned in the skirmish!

Additional Insight:

As usual many around you are fighting against the tide and trying to force things to happen to their will. Their selfishness will work against them, so be careful not to get pulled onto their sinking ship. Don’t offer advice, don’t provide information or insight. Simply walk away and let them fight their own battles. It’s very important that your name not be linked to theirs and you’ll be fine.

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