Divination & Spirit Communication

How Do Spirits Connect To You For Communication

This article assumes a person who is attempting divination knows how to clear energy and shield themselves and the area they’re working in. Anyone who doesn’t know how to do that is inviting any type of entity into their divination session.

Spirit CommunicationRecently I have been asked about how spirits connect with a psychic or channel for purposes of communication. Not just for divination, but also for guidance and attaining insight into ones spiritual path and enlightenment. 

To answer that question I decided to provide my understanding of the “technical” explanation of how spirit energy can connect to our higher consciousness and how spirit communication occurs once that connection is made.

The first thing I’d say here is that everyone is psychic to some degree and everyone has the potential to communicate with spirit. Some call it intuition, others call it gut feeling, but whatever label you’re assigning to the instinct, it’s an ability we all have. Being psychic doesn’t make you special, or unique. It’s a natural sixth sense that we all have. Some of us simply are more aware of it and have tapped into that sense to use it in our daily lives. But it’s something that can be learned. With routine meditation, study, practice and experience anyone can communicate with their own higher spiritual consciousness and with their own connection to the higher Universal Divine Consciousness.

The Levels of Consciousness
Now to get started. Think about the consciousness levels of your mind. You have four levels of Consciousness to work from every day.

  1. The physical being – the physical mind – conscious mind
  2. The soul being – the soul mind – the subconscious mind
  3. The spiritual being – the spirit mind – the super-conscious mind
  4. The Divine Consciousness – the Divine conscious mind

A quick explanation here. Your waking state, where you reason through every day events resides in your conscious mind, level 1 the Alpha state. When you sleep you enter a Beta state of consciousness. Here spirit can visit with you in dreams. But the communication is often one sided. When you enter REM sleep you move into the Epsilon state, your consciousness speeds up in energy and moves into the soul mind. From this awareness, your subconscious works through soul issues, lessons and reviews your physical state of the day and compares it with your spiritual mission. In this REM state, spirit can change its vibration to communicate with you in a more interactive manner. The hard part here, is consciously remembering those communications.

When you practice light meditation, you can enter this subconscious state as well. But it’s slightly different from dream state because you are controlling you progression into this higher state of awareness. Because of this it’s possible to have simple communication with spirit but often that communication is only about you personally. This isn’t the place where you can reach a state of divination for others. If you’re not careful, you can also communicate with earth bound ghosts, who may provide false information. 

When you practice deep meditation you move your awareness to the super-consciousness or the spiritual mind. Your soul, as it’s incarnated in physical form, is a subset of your great and larger spiritual being. When you move your awareness from the soul mind to the spirit mind, you have access to a greater range of knowledge and understanding. From this point you also have the ability to connect to the spiritual energies of others for divination. However, that doesn’t mean you have access to all their information. Psychics who can reach this level cannot access the akashic records of others.  They may pick up on memories or energy that has already been pulled into the consciousness of the individual they’re reading for. But they cannot get into the original source of that information, the akashic records.  And there’s a reason for that, which we’ll get to in a moment. 

From this state, your awareness has the ability to walk through the gateway to the greater Divine consciousness that we are all part of and have access to. However, there is a limit to the type of knowledge the average psychic can attain from this level of connection. Each one of us has the ability to look into the knowledge we need on a personal level. We have the ability to connect to our own perspective of what this Divine space is for our own connection to the Divine. But in general, the average person or psychic cannot attain information from this area for others or for the purpose of divination. Not because they’re not special or “powerful” enough. But rather because they have not worked through the karmic lessons or attained the spiritual wisdom to access these levels to disseminate that knowledge to others.

Think of it as the difference between a 1st year medical student and a doctor who has practiced medicine for 20years. Who would you want operating on you? The doctor has gone through the learning and through internships to gain experience and put the book knowledge into practice. Through those experiences he/she has attained wisdom and understanding of the information before them. How to decipher the information is equally important to how to use the information and what the impact of the information is overall. The same is true for spiritual information. There must be a distinction between accessing this level for self (which I believe anyone can do with practice) and accessing it for others.

Accessing this level of spirit for others brings with it a great responsibility for service to spirit. That service covers things like learning discernment, unconditional love, sharing knowledge, and helping people achieve their own empowerment and enlightenment. Because of this, accessing this level for others brings with it some special energies or lessons for a person to achieve before this connection is allowed. And not just anyone will be given the opportunity to achieve that level of psychic channeling. Just as not everyone will be given the gift of being a surgeon.

These “4th Level Channels” are also called Multi-Dimensional Channels, because they can reach into multiple dimensions of the Divine Conscious mind. They reach this 4th level, only through trance or semi-trance and with guidance from the Divine energies. The energy that is sent through the connection is too great for a conscious channel to handle, no matter how powerful or strong they think they are. Thus the trance state is a key tool utilized by the Divine to make these types of connections possible and safe for the channel. Which really makes sense if you think about it. 

The Universe is a hierarchy, with laws of balance and order. If these requirements did not exist, than anyone could be a channel just by raising their hand and having access to the unlimited knowledge of the Universe. No spiritual enlightenment, no karmic connections and no wisdom needed. Now would you want to get information about your life,  job, loved ones and friends, or potential future events from someone who hasn’t been prepared by the Divine to be a messenger. Let’s face it, that is exactly what this type of Channel is, a messenger of spirit. So as with most things in life and spirit, there are requirements of accountability to any level of divination, especially when it’s in service to others. But we all have the ability to raise our vibration and communicate with spirit on varying levels.

Chakra Energy

The Perspective of Communication
When you’re connecting to spirit for divination, you are raising your energy vibration within these levels of the mind to open the phone line so to speak. In order to reach the spiritual information you ‘want’ to connect to on a conscious level, you must at least raise your energy to access your spirit mind.

Think of it this way – the lowest level of the mind vibrates at the lowest frequency and speed. This is your waking state within your physical mind. When you raise your energy for spiritual communication you are speeding up the frequency to get closer to the spiritual realm, or what we call the ethereal.

Spirits also make adjustments to communicate with you, slowing down their ethereal vibration to make it easier for you to connect with them.  So in essence, they can slow down their vibration to connect to your raised vibration. It’s not an exercise that’s all on your shoulders, you do get some help from the other side.

Earth bound entities, or ghosts, are vibrating somewhere between levels 1 and 2. They’re not alive in a physical realm, but they haven’t let go and transitioned to the spiritual realm either. So they are in essence stuck between worlds. They have the ego and desires of a physical being, who has the ability to move unseen, through walls and to be manipulative if they so desire. And this is why clearing energy and setting shields are so important.

Have you ever seen the movie Ghost with Patrick Swazye. This is a good example of this concept. Sam is killed, but doesn’t transition into the spirit world. He is stuck here on the physical plane because his soul cannot be at peace while his murderer is on the loose. In his ghostly state, he is able to manipulate physical items, such as picking up a penny and moving it up a door. Or push the bad guy Willie across the room. But at the same time, he is not connected to the Divine Realm, so he can’t see what the world really is without boundaries. All he can see is what he has experienced in this life in physical form and in his ghostly form. So he has to go about doing his own mystery investigation to find out who and why he was killed. This is a good example of how a ghost is stuck with a limited view and limited knowledge. He cannot access the ethereal and cannot see the energy of the world from that higher limitless or Divine perspective.

On the other hand, a Spirit in the ethereal does not have these limiting boundaries. They can see and understand all knowledge from the past, present and the future. They can see all energy that has been created in the past, what is created now, and what will be or might be created in the future. Keep in mind that Time has no limits on the Divine Realm in the same way it does here in the physical world. This allows spiritual beings to see beyond the physical confines and understand why things have occurred in the physical world and what the probable outcome will be. They understand the spiritual significance, the karmic connections if they exist, and the spiritual lessons and mission that are impacted or in play. Ghosts don’t have this perspective.

What higher spirits try to do is connect with us and communicate in ways we can associate with. Such as dreams and divination tools. By using a tool, such as the Tarot; we are letting them know or giving them permission to aid our spiritual vision as a means of learning or gaining knowledge and insight about something that is impacting our spiritual plan or physical life.

Spiritual Communication For Divination
A spirit or ghost can influence any divination tool. But, it’s a lot harder for an earth bound ghost to influence a tool that requires only energy or a direct connection to spirit, such as a pendulum, the Tarot, Runes and alike or through meditation or spiritual channeling.

One common question I often receive is: Can an earth bound entity still influence the pendulum?
In theory, no if the pendulum is programmed properly. An Ouija pointer is connected to the physical and requires physical touch from its practitioner. These physical attributes make it easier for a ghost to manipulate the object in question. A pendulum hangs from source point in mid-air. You don’t move the source in order to move the pendulum. Quite the opposite, you want to be as still as possible. Many reputable pendulum readers use a pendulum stand or some method to rest their hand to ensure they remain completely still. But there is still a proper method in using the pendulum to ensure it’s protected from unwanted manipulation.

The best divination tools are those that require only spiritual communication. Those would be an object for scrying, a crystal ball, sticks & bones, tea leaves, tarot cards, runes and other such tools that rely on symbolic or third eye sight. Any tool or object that is not manipulated or moved to provided communication are often the best tools for divination.

The Chariot

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

These tools require you to raise your energy to your psychic senses which reside at the highest level of the individual mind. The Spiritual Consciousness is where your consciousness is connected to the Divine Consciousness and it is from this level that the best communication for divination can occur.

While we’re learning to set shields, raise our vibrational energies for communications and develop our psychic senses, they will help us along. In some ways to give us encouragement to continue, and in others to give us confidence so we will trust our instincts and believe in ourselves. They’ll do this by providing a little “juice” so to speak to make up the difference. Little by little, we need less and less of their help. But that only comes with practice, learning, experience, knowledge and wisdom. Regardless of the tool – pendulum, tarot, scrying or something else; it doesn’t matter.

When the tool requires our attention to the symbolic, such as tea leaves or tarot, we rely on our own sight to view the message, but we rely on our communication with spirit to help us decipher the code in the message. The best way to describe this is through the game of Cloud shapes.

Remember the last time you looked up at the clouds and made out different objects from their shapes? You utilized your physical eyes to see the shapes, but it was your intuition or imagination that deciphered the shaped into a familiar object. We do the same thing when reading the messages within the tool. This is especially true for tools such as tarot, scrying, tea leaves, bones and sticks and so on.

Let’s take The Chariot card from the major arcana as an example. When reading tarot, don’t focus on the whole image, if you do you’ll miss the deeper message. When you flip over a tarot card (or tea cup or whatever) the first image you see is the first part of the message being given.

For instance focus on the wheel of the chariot and notice the back legs of the white Griffin. Some of you will at first glance think the legs are tangled within the wheel, others may notice the ‘snake’ looking fine coming up to potentially bite the leg, and others may see something totally different from either of those suggestions. That first impression, without second guessing is how spirit tries to direct our attention and decipher the communication they are providing. From this initial ‘look’ move your sight out and allow spirit to guide your view to the next element within the card. Some of you may focus on the black Griffin, others will be drawn to the wings, or blue dress of the faery, or her wings. Each element helps spirit communicate through the image and provides a symbolic message to decipher. Your job as the communicator is to put that all together into one message. It takes time and practice, but any one can do it.

Trusting yourself is the most important part to any Spiritual communication. Whither it be for divination or not. If you’re Clairaudient and you hear spirit while in a raised state of awareness, trust what you hear. And for goodness sake don’t be afraid to ask questions! Repeat what you see or hear and ask if that’s right. You will get an answer. Often I’ve found when people do this and their interpretation isn’t correct Spirit will attempt to change the response to clarify the information. 

If you’ve pulled a card and you’re not sure of its meaning after five minutes, then ask for clarification and pull another card. If you think you received the answer, go back to the first card and try to see how the message was placed in the first images you saw and you’ll probably see them more clearly. Help is always present! Simply ask for it, and you’ll get it. No matter if you’re looking at a tool, hear spirit, or see spirit; they will always try to help you get it right.

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