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The Shield of Success

Carpe Diem Wolf Shield by Springwolf

Seize The Day

Visualizing and Creating A Shield of Success

Everyone has a dream, a desire or a goal for their life. Those that succeed and attain their goals work hard for them. Sometimes it may appear as if they’ve had everything handed to them. If their road has been made easier and their path  paved the way to their achievements, they may have earned that golden ticket. Karma is an interesting thing, but sometimes good karma does come back and reward you for your actions.

Simply because someone else had it easy, doesn’t mean their success diminishes or impacts your ability to achieve the same thing. There maybe underlying spiritual reasons that they’ve had it easy and you need to work a little harder. But your lessons are more important to you and your life, than what they have done or did to earn the golden ticket. It’s up to you to take some time and learn what you need to in order to keep the ball moving.

One thing I’ve learned about people who have achieved success is that they never give up. No matter what wall is set before them, they look for a way to climb it, break it down or even find another way around it. But they never let the wall stop them and say “Oh well, I guess this is as far as I go.”

Sometimes that means looking for solutions outside the norm, or thinking outside the box. When I started Spring’s Haven I took a few business classes to get a good understanding about what it takes to start a small business. Continue reading

Thank You For Helping Us Help Others

Help Us Help Others

Our Indiegogo Campaign Has Ended

Yesterday was the final day of our campaign to Help us keep hope alive for shut-ins and the military asking for help. We’re calling it a satisfactory success!

We began our campaign on August 3, 2012.

Our goal was $1,700 and 18 people helped us raise $347 of that. But nearly 380 people helped us to get the word out and share our campaign across social media.

I can’t begin to express what these gifts mean to us here at Spring’s Haven. We may not have meet our ultimate goal, but thanks to Apple’s new iPad Mini we should still be able to meet the need! We’ll know in the next few weeks as we dot the i’s and cross the t’s. So stay tuned for our announcements and new face to face services!!

More than the monetary value, we truly appreciate the thought behind the support and the compassion everyone shared with those in need.  Knowing we have the support of people like those who contributed, shared, tweeted and helped to get the word out, inspires our day and encourages our mission.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart and from everyone at Spring’s Haven.

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Fluid Plans Can Bring Unexpected Successes

Successful Changes

Change Happens, Sometimes For The Better

It’s been an amazingly busy week on all fronts in my life. It seems when you make a little change that releases a negative anchor so many things are freed and begin to move forward. Even things that have nothing to do with the anchor in the first place.

The flow of energy in and around our lives can touch and connect to so many other things we never expect. We talk about it, we may even know it. But sometimes we don’t really acknowledge it until it happens on a personal level and we sit back and say “Wow”.

Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Fool – Inverted

The Fool Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You won’t play the part of the fool today, the knowledge and energy of success is on your side. You hold the crystal ball to the future; where as others are viewing through short sighted ego. Allow the healing of this new situation to take place over your conscious thoughts. Don’t allow the stress of others to impact your day. Your garden is blooming and ready to celebrate in a bountiful explosion of color and bright energy.

Additional Insight:

Seize The Day! Keep your focus and you’ll surf through the weeds with ease. The healing taking place comes from new supportive energy that you didn’t have in the past. Stop thinking that this situation is the same now as it was then, because it’s not. The new support is what makes it so much different. Allow their compassion, kindness and support to heal your worries of the past and stay focused on what’s before you.

The more your adversary fights, the more they will lose focus and the less likely they are to win any part of this battle. Let them get angry; it’s in your favor. But it’s vitally important that you do not allow their anger to anger you. Remaining calm, thoughtful and collected; even smiling or laughing at their attempts to intimidate you; will keep the positive energy of success on your side. And it will do more to feed their scattered thoughts and anger anyway.

Make sure you keep an eye on all sides of the battlefield. There are by-standers who have a soldier in this fight as well. They are worried and concerned as well. Their loyalty can fall on either side as they try to assess what’s best for them. So make sure they’re not working out a way to get behind you and stab you in the back. But also make sure you can utilize their efforts to defend their camp as opportunities against your main adversary. You will win the day – if you remain calm and focused on the long term plan! You can do this with the help of the Divine, your higher consciousness and your focus on success!

Help Us Reach Our Goal
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To Help Other Pagans In Need

We offer consultation and counseling services for rape victims, women and families of abuse, and those in crisis. We have requests to provide these services to shut-ins, military personnel and others who are out of our area.

To find out how we help, read A Story of Hope and Sometimes A Smile Can Inspire Someone To Survive.

You can help too. Help us fulfill these requests we’ve received from those in need. Your gift can be made securely through PayPal! Whither it’s a $1 or more; every little bit helps. Won’t you give a little to help a lot?! Learn more @ Help Us Help Other Pagan Metaphysicians.

Your gift can earn you a free personal reading from Springwolf!

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Sun

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Allow your compassion and nurturing to shine through your actions. Success comes when you give of yourself in support of others. Be a team player and work for the greater good of all; not the selfish indulgence of ego and self. Winning at any cost brings only momentary satisfaction. Those who work in harmony with the world around them in peace and with love receive the greatest rewards. Many of which are beyond measure.

Additional Insight:

No one is an island working completely alone. There is always someone there to help and open a door to opportunities. When you remember you’re part of a bigger world, or even just a bigger group you can begin to unite the Divine creative energies of all for the success of the common good.

Coming together brings with it the strength in numbers, the empowerment of inspiration and creation of ideas and solutions. But it also brings a sense of united compassion, caring, tolerance, acceptance and yes, even love. Working together can also bring a sense of confidence in self, a satisfaction of accomplishment and an inner knowledge that success can be acquired again. Let the snowball of success fill your life for today, this week, this month and this year.

Help Us Help Others

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Help Us Help Others

If you’ve received help from Spring, or have come to rely on the daily tarot drawing, here’s your chance to help her help others! Your gift may earn a free personal reading from Springwolf!

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Your contribution can be made securely through PayPal! Learn more @ Help Us Help Others

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Fool – Inverted

The Fool Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

You maybe flying upside down to hide from the face of adversity. But your unconventional approach is helping you traverse through the dangers and attacks of those that are attempting to knock you off your glider. Let your inner insight show the way and you will continue your successful ride. You may not see it right now, as healing is trying to occur at the same time. But you will succeed on your flight and things really will be ok.


Additional Insight:

You’re not a fool, though some think you are. And for now that’s probably a good thing, as it means they are highly underestimating you. That mistake is in your favor! Don’t worry about the snakes who are trying to slither their way across your path and muck up the works. They have no real power and when confronted, most of them will run away with their heads cut off. And the one that’s left has already sealed their own fate of failure, stuck in the weeds of darkness, anger and ego. There’s nothing you need to do about them, except stay on your unconventional course.

The key is to smile in the face of the obstacles they try to put in your path. Because you already know through your insight that you have gotten through their tangled webs and weeds. You’ve been able to see their attempts to keep you under their control, and so those have failed. Keep focused on the direction of your glider, you’re heading up the beauty and blossoms of the garden. No one can stop that, except you.

Allow the success from above and below to ease your weary heart and provide the healing you need for the remainder of your journey. Remember balance does not come from the ends of the spectrum, it comes from the middle where stability resides. Stay balanced on your glider and you will be able to continue your successful ride. Don’t allow anger to push you off course. Don’t allow an over optimistic view to cloud your sight and not take care of something you know needs to be done. Rather, continue your course, glide your way through the remaining obstacles with ease and you’ll be able to hoist the battle flag of success. You really will be ok.

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Take time to celebrate the sweetness in your life. Things aren’t all bad. But when you only focus on the negative, you give no energy to the positive to show itself. Your baskets can be filled to the brim, when move your energy forward to the things that bring you joy. Work on your passions and you can and will develop the abundance you seek.


Additional Insight:

The energy you put forth today will set the return for tomorrow and the rest of this year. Be careful what you think about and how you express your desires and plans. Keep positive and visualize your success as if it’s already here. Help your dreams to manifest in the ways you’ve been planning and dreaming about. You can do this and more importantly..You deserve the success and abundance your planning for!

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