Fluid Plans Can Bring Unexpected Successes

Successful Changes

Change Happens, Sometimes For The Better

It’s been an amazingly busy week on all fronts in my life. It seems when you make a little change that releases a negative anchor so many things are freed and begin to move forward. Even things that have nothing to do with the anchor in the first place.

The flow of energy in and around our lives can touch and connect to so many other things we never expect. We talk about it, we may even know it. But sometimes we don’t really acknowledge it until it happens on a personal level and we sit back and say “Wow”.

The key to making the most of that change is how you handle it. If you constantly feel trepidation and fear, the changes that occur can weight you down even more. Even if they’re good changes. Your own fear can exchange one anchor for another and continue the negative shield that holds you back from moving situations forward in your life.

But if you release the fear and feel the burdens lift off your shoulders, you can open the door to great possibilities that bring greater success. Even if the new path brings it own set of accountability and new concerns, how you face those concerns will impact the path before you. It’s ok to acknowledge them and know they’re present, as long as you face with a sense of new empowerment and a focus that knows you will overcome their challenges.

Sometimes accepting the changes and going with the flow can lead you to opportunities that overcome those challenges in unexpected ways. And that’s what happened to me this week.

Our campaign to Help Others has some what stalled. We have continued the promotion of the campaign as usual, but recognition and participation has slowed down greatly. This week however, something happened in the world that has revitalized our energy to make the campaign successful. And it’s all thanks to Amazon.

Our quest is to upgrade our equipment in order to provide face to face consultations. All the technical experts have suggest the best way to do that is with an iPad that will allow us to grow into markets outside of the pc/desktop. So that’s what we were shooting for. But as most people know, iPad is not a cheap solution.

Amazon’s announcement of their new Kindle Fire has put this idea more in reach than we had expected. The equivalent Kindle is $200 cheaper than the iPad and according to the technical reviews, the Fire tablet will put a big challenge to the iPad market. Ok great!  The tablet market is even closer to our reach than we had previously thought!

So far we have raised $280 for our campaign. And we are so thankful for those who have contributed. That puts us about $250 away from where we need to be to make this campaign a success.

Help Us Reach Our Goal
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We have always hoped for 2 ipads, but 1 will bring us to the upgrade we need to offer the new services to shut-ins and military personnel overseas. Now..1 Kindle Fire is so close and within reach we can almost grab it and make our hope a reality!

So I’m back asking..if the posts here on Springwolf Reflections and the daily tarot meditation message have brought any help, or hope to you in your life; will you say thank you and give something back to help us help others like you?

We have 47 Days left to meet our goal! Help us fulfill these requests we’ve received from those in need. Your gift can be made securely through PayPal! Whither it’s a $1 or more; every little bit helps. Won’t you give a little to help a lot?! Learn more @ Help Us Help Others.

Your gift can earn you a free personal reading from me!

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