Archive | September 3, 2012

Sometimes A Smile Can Empower Someone To Survive

“Looking at the face of a friend, let me know I’m going to be Ok”

What Face To Face Communication Can Do

Today many are seeking spiritual comfort as they try to hold onto hope that things will improve in their lives. Or as they face challenges in war and military service. For some, hope is all they have to make it through one more day.

Sometimes a person simply wants someone to listen. Often a simple phone call can get them through to the next week. But for some a face to face moment of communication, where compassion can be seen, can go a long way to helping them make it through yet another day of despair. It’s amazing how much a kind word or simple smile can lift someone out of their fear and hopelessness.

How many times have you heard someone say “I found strength from her smile” or “Looking at the face of a friend, let me know I’m going to be ok”. Visual communication can say so much more than an email, tweet, or instant message. I can provide a greater sense of connection and understanding than a simple voice can. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Temperance – Inverted

Temperance: Inverted

Don’t just sit on your butt today. You keep saying “If I only had a little extra time, I could…”. Well? You have extra time today, what are you waiting for? Get to work on YOUR own dreams and plans. Put a real effort into the details, next steps and long term goals. Review what you have already accomplished. Check off the items you’ve already taken care of. Put some time into YOU today. You do deserve it after all.

As Above, So Below – Believe in yourself and use the energy within to conquer the world today. Even if it’s only your little piece of it!

Success surrounds you today with the vibrancy of color and illumination. Sit down at your desk or with pen and paper in hand.

Close your eyes for a moment and ask the Divine force in your life to help you connect to the greater Universal Conscious Energy of Creation! Feel the glow of that yellow light travel into the top of your head, stimulating your crown chakra and inspiring your ideas.

Imagine the center of your being connecting to the Mother Earth, grounding your energies in the physical world and helping you to manifest those ideas and solutions into reality. Let the glowing energy of Mother Earth work through your solar plexus chakra helping you to create your dreams into this world of reality. Continue reading