Living Your Passion

Combining Your Spiritual Mission With Your Life’s Work

Find Your PassionSome people think you don’t really understand passion until you reach a certain age in life. Others believe if you are encouraged as a child to follow your dreams, you can discover your passion when you’re still young enough to focus your energy on making it happen. I don’t think it matters what point you are in life, if you have a passion and supportive family and friends, you can find a way to live it. 

That might be the biggest key of all. Having the support of family and friends. Too often in our society today, we’re pushed to be successful at any expense. To study hard and work for the best grades in school, to attend the best school, get the best degrees and work at the best companies. Being successful is all to often tied to financial gain instead of having a fulfilling life.

Unfortunately not that many of us, at least here in the States, know how to appreciate what we have and what we’ve worked for long enough to enjoy it. We attain “things” and soon after, we’re pushed to acquire the next thing that we’re told will make us “happy”. It’s a shame that the drive to succeed doesn’t come with the drive to be truly happy and true to yourself.

Until a few years ago, people were pushed into careers they didn’t really want just to make that extra dollar in their paycheck. Some try to fulfill the dreams their parents have for them. Others try to aspire to what’s expected of them. But sometimes we need to stop, take a step back and say ‘Wait a minute. Let me think about what I feel drawn to and if I am willing to accept the ‘abundance’ of what that brings.” Abundance isn’t reserved to financial considerations. Health, happiness and fulfillment are also part of the abundance picture.

Once the ‘Great Recession’ hit, people began to re-evaluate what was important in their lives. The material items didn’t seem to matter as much as finding security for the family and safe place to live. Finding happiness in the simple things in life and not in the material items that seem to overwhelm our environment. As people struggled to find employment, many people found the only solution to getting work was creating their own job. The resilience of humankind is to discover solutions to problems that are innovative and some how end up being the best thing that ever happened. Some of us just need a little push to walk away from the ‘easy’ street and get back to the basics of living in balance with your soul and your physical life.

Innate Talents & Knowledge
Metaphysics teaches that we all have lessons to learn in each incarnation. Along with those lessons are spiritual avenues that will help our incarnated being fulfill those lessons. What many call the spiritual mission. This mission often creates opportunities to do certain things that will take you to certain places where you will meet certain people and have certain relationships or interactions. All these things provide you with the chances to learn lessons, pay and redeem karma and as well as provide circumstances where you can implement your inner talents and knowledge to fulfill your overall spiritual mission.

It’s this merging of talent and abilities with the physical choices we make in life that provides us with the opportunities for the greatest success. As you make choices that are in harmony with your spiritual mission, things often fall into place almost effortlessly to bring that energy into manifestation. It’s not a struggle to ‘make things happen’, but rather an ability to put your innate talents into motion that create success. ‘Innate’ talents originate in or arise from the intellect of the mind, rather than learned through experience.

As someone once said “Luck is preparedness meeting opportunity”. When you nurture your innate talents, you build a connection between your physical world and spiritual mission. By making these abilities part of your life, you can increase their value and their energy to help you create the life you were intended to lead to fulfill your spiritual mission and live a life of happiness and progression.

One of my heroes was Steve Irwin. Say what you want about his life and how he dealt with animals. But no on can deny that the man was passionate about saving wildlife and his conservation efforts. He worked his passion and eventually found great rewards from it. He found even greater success by partnering with a group of people who wanted to work on their passion and start up a cable channel that was solely about animals. Together Animal Planet and Steve Irwin found success through working their passion together and spreading their message farther and wider than anyone could have imagined. But becoming a financial and world-wide success wasn’t what Steve set out to do. And that too is a key to working your passion; maintaining the focus of what you’re real mission is. 

There are many such examples in our small little world of people taking chances, making sacrifices and living through the lean times in order to live out their passion. Those that struggle through and don’t give up, find a way to make it work. They may not live in the biggest house on the block in those early years. They may not take a yearly vacation for 3 or 10 years. But they’re happy and enjoy life, because they’ve found a way to live their passion and bring a rounded approach to achieving balance and abundance in their life. 

Finding Your Passion
If you know you have a desire to do something, but you’re not sure what that is, take some time for an inner meditation to reflect on your soul’s purpose for this incarnation. Be honest with yourself and decide what it is you have always wanted to do in your life. What are your innate talents and how can you use this knowledge in your life? You may never the know the answer if you don’t take the time to ask yourself. 

If you have an idea or many ideas of what you want to do, then sit down and write out your dreams. Make a list of goals and achievements you want or have wanted to make in life. Next to each item, use a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest and rate it’s importance to you. How passionate are you about that goal or dream? If you find you have more than one item that’s rated as a 5, start a new column with just those items and rate them again against each other. When you’re left with just 1 #5 rated item, read it again and decide if that’s really your passion.

If it is, ask yourself if its something you’d like to live to do or is it something you want to do on the side? Start making a list of things you may need to make that dream a reality. Don’t talk yourself out of it, by saying it’s too hard, it will take too much time, or too much of that. I can’t do that I have this to deal with. Cut out those negative thoughts and put aside the barriers. Just focus on what needs to be done to live your passion. 

When you’re done with the list, start a search on the internet to find others who have accomplished the same goal. Find out how they got started, what resources they used and where they found support. You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be, once you have it written down and put energy into achieving your own passion.  

If your passion deals with starting your own business, I encourage you to search the internet for you local SCORE chapter. SCORE – “Counselors to America’s Small Business” is a nonprofit association dedicated to entrepreneur education and the formation, growth and success of small business nationwide. They are a wonderful group of entrepreneurs who lend their time to helping the average person attain their dream of owning their own business.

Whether your passion is a hobby or something you want to do for a living, bringing your passion into your life will bring a variety of benefits. Fulfillment, happiness, and sharing your dreams with others who have the same passion as you do. You will discover a long list of new things about yourself, such as determination, abilities and talents, and an inner peace and satisfaction with life that you may not have felt before. You’ll find that you can apply the knowledge and experiences from one part of your life, to making your passion a success and moving it forward. 

What ever your passion is, find it within yourself and bring the mission of your soul into the reality of your life.

© 2012 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Spring’s Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


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