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Nature Spirits

Sprites, Faeries & Pixies

Pixie FaeryEvery culture has some folklore about nature spirits, sprites, faeries and a like. The Norse were big on these nature helpers. Celtic mythology is filled with story and legend of sprites, faeries and the infamous leprechauns. You can find them in practically all Native American cultures from the far north to the far south. So it’s not hard to find others who not only believe in these spirits, but who have encountered them as well.

You can find signs of faeries and sprites all the time if you look for them. Sprites are known to leave circular decorations through a forest. If you see vines that seem to be molded in a wheel for instance, sprites have been there. Look in your own yard for faery rings, these are mushroom circles that have been left by dancing faeries.

Today the sprites I hear people ask about the most are Garden sprites or faeries. How to attract them and get them to help care for the garden to promote growth and keep harmful bugs away. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Justice – Inverted

Justice - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Let your balloons soar today. The balance you’ve brought forth will take you to new heights and accolades. Those who are blinded by anger will be left behind. Leave them with their stake in the ground. Even though you want to help, they will not listen. So let them go and float away to in peace, knowing you’ve done all you can.

Additional Insight:

Sometimes going with the flow and allowing the Divine Spirit take you where it may, brings you to the place you’re supposed to be. Others are trying to keep you anchored in the past with their anger and refusal to move on. You can no longer help them, so let them go. It maybe hard to do, but they’ve made their choices and you can’t fix things for them. Consider your own path and what you need to accomplish. You’re worth the effort and the time, so focus on you.

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