What You Missed In January

Eyes of the Hunter

Eyes of the Hunter by Charles Alexander

Here On Springwolf Reflections

Springwolf Reflections is a place of spiritual inspiration and thought, where Spring shares her views, knowledge, and insights to Pagan Metaphysical perspectives, beliefs and practices. And conveys how you can add your spiritual understandings to benefit your everyday life.

If you didn’t visit Springwolf Reflections in January, here’s what you might have missed for the month.

4th – A Homily: Guilt By Association? – Bigotry Cloaked In Religion Is Still Bigotry

11th – Reiki Practice & Perspective – Traditional Reiki vs non-Traditional

14th – Reflection Inspiration – You Reflect What You Feel

20th – Moon Phase Calendar – Update

21st – Thoughts & Prayers for Sochi – The Energy of Prophecy

23rd – Interfaith Prayer For Olympic Peace – A World Wide Event (Feb. 1st)

24th – Words for Thought – The Power of Prophecy

30th – The Black Moon – The Second New Moon Of The Month

30th – Merry Imbolg & Lammas – The Festival of Lights and Fire

31st – The Mission Within 2014 – A Little Numerological Insight for 2014

31st – In the eMail Room – Dealing With Passive/Aggressive Communications

You also missed a few other Numerological looks at dates and numbers on the Tarot Meditation Drawing insights that are posted each weekday.

Take some time to visit Reflections A-Z and check out Spring’s many other articles of insight, reflection and inspiration!

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