Thoughts & Prayers for Sochi Russia

Go WithinThe Energy of Prophecy

Last night and after I pulled the card this morning, I had an impression about an event and felt the need or desire to share it.

I posted this on my Facebook page:
I have a really bad feeling that something big, on a big scale big, that something truly terrible is going to happen in Sochi Russia during the Olympics. Something more than a suicide bomber type catastrophe. Sending thoughts and prayers that all our Olympians remain safe and sound.

Update 02/07 – Before the Opening Games Broadcast in U.S.
My husband walked into the kitchen and said “What if our feeling about something bad happening, has nothing to do with terrorists. But rather is related to a great catastrophe of some sort? Like one of their rushed to open hotels falling down, or a natural disaster that is made worse because of poor construction of the rushed to ready venues?” It’s an interesting perspective to think about as well. One of the hard parts with defining a global prophecy is getting to the details that can make a difference.

Frankly, I’ve had this feeling for a while now. But these two incidents were a little different from before. Different enough for me to take more notice. Prior to this, I’d say the idea could be nothing more than a reaction to news reports. It’s not a far reach after all. But the closer the games get, the more energy around them grows beyond the assumptions that can be attributed to the news.

It’s hard to explain what the difference is, as it’s different for each person who can pick up on the subtle energies around them. I only know what it’s like for me, and what the difference is. I trust in my instincts and know when to sweep them away as hysteria and when to pay attention to them.

Sadly how we share messages online misses the addition of tone and inflection of voice. That means what we write can have a greater energy than we expect. Including energy we don’t intend. Sometimes we can mean one thing and missing one or two words can imply another. What you write online in your social media status can have greater energy than speaking the words, because putting your thought in writing has a longer lasting energy that can cause harm each time it’s read by someone.

After reading the comments that were left to my simple Facebook post, I noted how words and thoughts take on energy that others can pick up on and take in a direction no one intended. The conversation on the thread took a turn down a path concerning “what you think, you create”. As in thinking something bad is going to happen, is going to make it happen.

What happens when we pick up on such tragic energies? Do we feed the negativity by sharing our impression?

sochiSensing Energy & Creating Energy
There’s a difference between picking up on energy around you, and creating energy within you. Sensing energy and sharing it alone doesn’t feed the energy you picked up on. It doesn’t matter if the sensed energy is good or bad. “Feeling” it will not add to what you picked up on. Rather it’s how you respond to the prophetic energy that makes the difference. What energy you create within you as a response to what you sensed will add to the energy you sensed.

As an example:
An empath picks up on the negative energy within another person at a birthday party that causes them concern. They share that feeling with someone they have trust in. Telling their confidant about what they sensed and what they think it means.

Does that mean telling their confidant feeds the energy they felt and now both the empath and the confidant are adding energy to the cause of concern? Actually, it depends.

It depends on how the empath shares the message and how the confidant reacts to the information. If the empath shares their feeling with a sense of compassion and concern, it can have the opposite effect. It can express a sense of wanting to help, to ease pain or comfort the source. Additionally, sharing the message with a confidant out of concern will also alert your spirit guides, guardian angels, the Divine in your life that something negative is in the works and may need attention.

Remember we are not alone in the world. Along with all the other compassionate people living here on the planet, we share this space and time with spirit. The more people who direct attention to a situation and ask for thoughts and prayers, the more attention is directed from their spiritual connections to the situation too.

But how can we ask for healing for peace and safety, if we don’t first explain what needs healing and positive energy in the first place? Now after rereading my statement, what I should have said at the end of the initial post is:  Sending thoughts and prayers that all our Olympians, their families, friends and the people of Sochi Russia remain safe and sound. (And by “our” Olympians, I don’t mean America’s athletes, I mean all athletes, judges, officials and everyone working to bring the games to Sochi).

bluecandleHow ever you view that Divine force in your life, your prayer or thoughts for healing and compassion will be heard and work with the other prayers and thoughts from other people directing energy for the same cause.

Does that mean our collective thoughts and prayers can prevent the event from happening? Yes. But remember while you’re praying for peace, someone else is actively praying and working for war. Your effort may or may not prevent the tragedy from happening. But it may minimize the damage the tragedy creates.

Whither you have your own gut feeling about something that may happen in Sochi, or you’ve been watching the news and think someone may create danger simply in response to the reports being broadcast, your effects to pray or hope for safety and peace during the games, before, after and during will aid the compassion and thoughts by many others around the world.

It may also allow a Police Officer or Soldier to take note of something they may not have otherwise seen and be able to stop or prevent an attack. It may allow first responders more energy and speed to react if something does happen. Your positive energy for peace can have an effect on many aspects of this potential prophecy, all you have to do is close your eyes, hold Sochi in a blanket of healing energy and protection that adds to all other prayers going in the same direction.

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts & Prayers for Sochi Russia

  1. I’ve often wondered how empaths picking up on global events can stop the process of adding energy to the events they wish to prevent. I really appreciate your explainaintion of how sensing vs. aiding energy works. Now I understand this so much better.

  2. Thanks. What a good discussion of empathy and intuition and interpretation. Also thanks for your insights…thoughts and prayers will be focused on the Sochi event.

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