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Reiki Practice & Perspective

Traditional Reiki Hanko

Reiki Hanko

Traditional Reiki vs non-Traditional

Being a Reiki healer is a great practice of healing, but it’s not the only kind of Divine Holistic healing in the world. Asia doesn’t have the corner market on that kind of healing practice and to my knowledge, they’ve never claimed to be the one true Divine holistic healing method. There are many variations of Divine healing and each one has its own name, process and approach. Some don’t like being called Reiki because they believe it takes away from their own traditions and history. Understandable. When you have a tradition that you feel passionate about maintaining, what you call it has meaning.

By the same token, simply calling something “Reiki”, doesn’t make it Reiki. It is up to you as a student or someone looking for healing services to determine what is appropriate for you. But you should know a little about what you’re asking for so you know what is Reiki and what isn’t.

I’ve taken many forms of holistic, or what can be called Divine Energy, healing methods through my half century of living. So I have a small portfolio of healing modalities to compare each one against. For me, Reiki (traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki) fits best with me and what I feel most connected to within my own soul. Continue reading