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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Six of Wands


Six of Wands

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Celebrate your victories. You worked hard for them and you deserve to enjoy the moment. Don’t let someone else’s disappointment overshadow your success. Their negativity has no place in your accomplishments. So choose who you spend your time with very carefully.

Additional Insight:

You don’t need to rub it in someone’s face or be smug about your win. But you have put a lot of effort into achieving success and you should be allowed to celebrate the little victories.

If someone else wants to be a wet noodle, that’s their problem. Don’t let their disappointment bring you down in the process. Their negativity has no place in your world right now. So consider who you celebrate with carefully and allow the energy of your accomplishment to carry you through the weekend.

When you build on your successes, you attract more of the same into your day, weekend, and your whole world. If you allow the negativity of others to drag you down, you waste all that wonderful uplifting success and allow it to fade away without capitalizing on its support.

You can’t save everyone from themselves. You can’t learn their lessons for them. And you can’t lift someone up who refuses to be happy in their little victories, even if it means they came in 2nd. Help them see how great they did and how their hard work paid off as well. They may not have won, but they accomplished a great deal and can still be happy in their achievement. They don’t have to be a sore loser simply because they didn’t get the top spot. It wasn’t theirs to simply walk away with and they can try again next time.

You don’t have to give up your trophy in order to make someone else happy. Ask them to celebrate their accomplishment with yours. But if they refuse, allow them to stomp away. Or you should make the choice to walk away and ride the positive energy to your next success. Sometimes in letting go and letting “God”, you have to actually let go of those who want to hold you back.

So party and celebrate today and through the weekend. But remember, it’s back to work on Monday. There’s still more to do and more to accomplish. One victory is a stepping stone for the next rung on the ladder. But that next step up will be much easier with each victory that lifts you up on the wings of success. Keep climbing and eventually you’ll be flying!

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