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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Knight of Swords

Knight Of Swords

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Pick your battles. Not every fight is worth having and not every cause is worthy or just. Part of the wisdom of being a Guardian in battle is knowing who to trust, who to listen to and who to stand up for. Even those who call you their friend, may have underlying motives to keep you on their side. Make sure you know what the real fight is, before you join in.

Additional Insight:

Bullies never tell you the truth about the wars they have started. There’s always a hidden agenda and selfish reason for their war upon the weak. Those that try to manipulate and control by fear do so because they are constantly afraid of being judged, they worry about not knowing what’s going on in every situation and being laughed at. Their fear is not your burden to carry.

No one should follow orders from a self-imposed ruler who didn’t earn their title and isn’t qualified to hold it. Even a leader who was forced into power has the choice to step up to the plate and rule with honor, or fall back on their weakness and govern from fear and ignorance.

Swords represent Strength & Weakness, Struggle & Endurance, Animosity & Respect. If the one giving you orders doesn’t use their strength in fairness to all, then question their motives. If they constantly create struggle for those they command, then question their wisdom. If they generate animosity instead of respect and a desire to work for all, then they are not worth your time or effort defending their cause.

Your allegiance is to your soul, your karma and your path. Not to the blind faith placed in someone who doesn’t deserve it. You are responsible for which choices you make in life. And that includes following orders that are unfair or wrong.

A knight is as much of a leader as the ruler of the kingdom. By their action or inaction they condone the actions of their King or Queen. Others look up to them as much, and sometimes even more than they do the person on the throne of power. Make sure your actions can be judged as fair, honorable and just. Even if that means switching sides in the battle. You are the measuring stick that’s held against your own beliefs. Do your best, try your hardest and you’ll be awarded for your efforts in Walking your Talk©.

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