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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Death


Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

The end of a difficult time is at hand. Those who have looked within, been honest with themselves and worked to change the things they do not like about their character or actions will triumph. Those who continue to point fingers and blame others for their trials, will continue to struggle. You are responsible for your thoughts, your voice and your deeds. Make sure you are accepting your accountability in the matters at hand, even if it means being brutally honest with yourself.

Additional Insight:

No one else is responsible for the choices you have made in life. No one controls your thoughts, what you say or your actions to put those thoughts and words into practice. If you are not honest with yourself about what you do, and constantly blame others, you will not change the path you tread.

Only you can change you. No one else can learn your lessons for you any more than you can learn lessons for them. Stop yelling at others and blaming other people for the fix you’re in now. They didn’t make the choices for you. You could have stepped up to the plate and gotten into the game long ago when your support was needed. You could have been cautious or conservative those many years ago when the material world was dangled in front of you.

You could stopped drinking, or doing the drugs before it landed you out of a job or relationship. You could have accepted the help that was offered you instead of holding onto your unrealistic pride. You could start loving yourself for who you are and what you look like and stop finding fault where there is none. You could have listened to the warnings from your friends and family about that person you said you were in love with, maybe you too would have seen the writing on the wall. 

All that self negative talk we do every day in hindsight doesn’t change the past once single bit. All it does is hold us in disrespect of ourselves and keep the blinders on from what’s really needed. And that’s to love ourselves.

When we can love self and forgive ourselves for the past mistakes, we can begin to look honestly at the choices we’ve made. We can see the mistakes and using compassion learn to understand why we made those choices at that time in our lives. We can accept those faults or failings and make the conscious choices to innovate, adapt and overcome them in the here and now. We can align our thoughts with the Divine force in our life and see the path forward from a higher view that allows us to make better choices and direct our path down the more welcoming road.

We all have the choice to change those things about our self that holds us back. But first we must be able to love the self enough to be brutally honest and look within.  You can only change yourself, but that will change how others respond to you.

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