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Thoughts & Prayers for Sochi Russia

Go WithinThe Energy of Prophecy

Last night and after I pulled the card this morning, I had an impression about an event and felt the need or desire to share it.

I posted this on my Facebook page:
I have a really bad feeling that something big, on a big scale big, that something truly terrible is going to happen in Sochi Russia during the Olympics. Something more than a suicide bomber type catastrophe. Sending thoughts and prayers that all our Olympians remain safe and sound.

Update 02/07 – Before the Opening Games Broadcast in U.S.
My husband walked into the kitchen and said “What if our feeling about something bad happening, has nothing to do with terrorists. But rather is related to a great catastrophe of some sort? Like one of their rushed to open hotels falling down, or a natural disaster that is made worse because of poor construction of the rushed to ready venues?” It’s an interesting perspective to think about as well. One of the hard parts with defining a global prophecy is getting to the details that can make a difference. Continue reading

Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: The Moon – Inverted

The Moon - Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Allow your evening ideas to step out into the light of day. You might be able to solve several issues in the process. You can achieve what you seek by listening to those inner voices that whisper to you at night. Start working on them and put energy in motion to manifest throughout the day. Put the ideas in the works today and by the time of Cancer (June 22 – July 22), they’ll be in full swing and working for you.

Additional Insight:

During the day so much is going on we rarely take time to listen to our inner instincts. Once we’re home and the world begins to become quiet, we can hear our higher consciousness share ideas and insights into the day’s challenges.

We’re also a little more relaxed and at ease with our mind. Along with feeling safe in your own energy at home, you create the perfect environment for your higher spiritual conscious mind to show you a movie or pictures as a means to communicate with you.

Don’t dismiss these inner thoughts as ridiculous notions. Especially if they address an issue you had during the day. Even in dreams our soul is trying to help us see the answers to our problems and help us learn the lessons and overcome the challenges they bring. Pay attention to them and you may solve several problems all at once.

Write down what you see, allow the images to flow in your head and shed light on a solution. Does it really take that long to type up an email to yourself? No one else knows you better than you do. No one else understands the obstacles you face and how they affect you. And no one else knows the best solutions and answers for you to solve those issues to innovate, adapt and overcome. You have the answers within yourself, through your connection to higher self and the Divine force in your life. Listen to it and allow it to help you make a better path for your life to follow. You can do this!


One of the best ways to get in touch with your higher spiritual consciousness is through meditation. If you don’t meditate, it maybe time to start. You can achieve wonderful results from even a once a week meditation schedule. Every Wednesday night is a great time plan a few moments for yourself. And even a short 15 or 20 minute meditation is better than nothing at all.

Meditation isn’t as hard or complicated as some think. It’s merely a process of learning to relax in the midst of anxiety and stress. Check out the Students Handbook on How To Meditate on; it’s FREE!

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