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Reflection Inspiration

You Reflect What You Feel

How you look at yourself will determine how others look at you. If you value your self-worth with respect and pride, then others will see you that way and hold you in greater esteem as well.

If you constantly find fault in your skin, your face, how your hair looks, how your voice sounds, what you look like when you walk, move or even sit still, then others will always find and see that fault in you as well. Mainly because being self-conscious about it, you will be drawing energy to it and that’s like a magnifying glass on everything you don’t like.

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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Seven of Pentacles – Inverted

7 of Pentacles: Inverted

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

On the seventh day you can rest. For now, you must keep your attention to the grindstone and get things done for your world. There are people depending on you and there are a lot of little things that need your input to be completed. Stop wasting time searching for the exact or perfect answer. Perfection doesn’t exist. Simply start doing the task and the right solution for you in this situation, will emerge and help resolve the strain weighing you down.

Additional Insight:

You’re allowing all the little things to pile up and diminish your confidence. Stop letting the stress win over your practical thinking. You’re only wasting time looking for something you’re not going to find in the first place. Be innovative and use your imagination.

Just get your hands in the dirt and start digging. Do the task at hand and you’ll be able to resolve doubts, and uncertainty as you go. Rely on the skill and abilities you already have, they will serve you well in the situations of the day. Your experience and intuition will do the rest. If you will simply trust yourself!

You don’t have to worry about “coloring within the lines” either. You’ve set standards on yourself that no one can meet. Just do the best you can and everything will come out exactly as it needs to, for both those around you and for your financial requirements.

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