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Today’s Tarot Meditation Drawing: Eight of Cups

Eight of Cups

Mystic Faery Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft

Nurturing doesn’t mean holding on so tight that nothing can move or fly on its own. Forcing things into place will not fill your cups with abundance. The tighter your grip, the more of what you want will seep through your fingers. It’s ok to let go. If it’s meant to be what you seek will remain and bring joy.

Additional Insight:

Stop trying to “make” things happen that aren’t supposed to be in your reality. You can’t force something to your will and expect it to want to be controlled at every turn. No one wants to be manipulated or pushed into something they don’t really want.

If it was meant to be, there would be no effort in keeping it near and allowing it to bloom and grow. The more you try to force yourself down a path that isn’t meant for you, the more you miss out on when the real thing crosses in front of you.  You could focus so much on what you “want” that miss the opportunity to acquire what you really “need”.

It’s hard to live with “Let it go, if it’s meant to be it will come back to you.” But it’s harder to force yourself into believing in something only to discover it wasn’t what you needed in the first place. Sometimes we need to be alone to learn who we are and what we’re meant to do. When we focus so much energy on looking at what we think we want, we take energy away from the things that will help us move forward to what we need.

Allow the Divine Universe to bring you what you desire without effort, without fight and without struggle. When the time is right, it will arrive. Until then, go with the flow and put your time and attention to what you need to work on in the here and now. It may not be what you want. But it probably is exactly what you need.

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Interfaith Prayer For Olympic Peace

Winter Olympics Begin February 6, 2014

The Winter Olympics Begin
February 6, 2014

A World Wide Event
February 1st, Saturday at 12:00pm Eastern U.S.

As concerns mount over next month’s Olympic games, Russian President Vladimir Putin is insisting he’s got things under control. Many governments are offering assistance and making plans to protect their athletes. The U.S. announced they are making emergency evacuations plans for Americans in case something does occur.

There is an overwhelming atmosphere of concern, dread and fear associated with the Olympics. This negativity adds to the growing concern of violence. We’re asking that all those interested, share in a unified world wide moment to hold the coming events in positive energy in thoughts of peace and safety.

Join us and other organizations around the world for an interfaith moment of peace on Saturday February 1st, at 12:00pm Eastern.

It doesn’t matter where you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re religious, spiritual or atheist. Everyone who would like to send positive thoughts of peace is welcome to be part of this event. You don’t need to attend a meeting, go to a special location or leave your home even. Where ever you are at this time, simply take a moment to add your thoughts and/or prayers to this world wide energy event.

For 2 minutes, close your eyes and think of Sochi, Russia. Imagine the City and the surrounding villages blanketed in peace and love. Think of all the young men and women who have worked so hard to share their talents and abilities with their fellow competitors being safe and secure. See family and friends, and people from around the world visiting Sochi for the games, making new friendships and enjoying their time cheering on their favorite competitors in the games.  See them all under a blanket of peace, compassion and love. Safe and secure from the moment they arrive, until the moment they arrive home in their own town and country.

If you desire to say a prayer during the 2 minutes, we invite you to do so. You can join in and recite this prayer we will be saying. Or you can share your own prayer to bring peace and safety to the games, the city and all the people within it.

During the Olympic games in Sochi Russia,
May all beings everywhere find peace in their souls,
May all peoples find kindness toward their fellow humans, 
May our differences subside and be replaced with compassion,
May we discover understanding and acceptance of each other,
May peace ring through our voices and actions,
May the actions of all come together in love and kindness.
May all those attending the games be held in safety,
May the all arrive and return to their homes protected and secure.
And so it is that peace and kindness reign over us all.

You can find many prayers and blessings of peace at The Chaplaincy Institute, An Interfaith Community. They have many beautiful prayers for peace at The Peace Seeds. You can choose one of theirs, create one of your own, or simply hold good thoughts for these Olympic games in your head.

We hope you’ll join us and these other cities around the world for this special 2 minutes of positive thoughts and prayers for safety and security during these Winter Olympic Games.

Washington, D.C.
Sat 12:00pm
Buenos Aires
Sat 2:00pm
Rio de Janeiro
Sat 3:00pm
Sat 5:00pm
Sat 6:00pm
Sat 7:00pm
Sat 8:30pm
Sat 9:00pm
Sat 10:45pm
Sat 11:00pm
Sun 12:00am
Sun 1:00am
Sun 2:00am
Sun 3:00am
Sun 6:00am
Pago Pago
Sun 6:00am
Sat 7:00am
San Francisco
Sat 9:00am
Sat 10:00am
Guatemala City
Sat 11:00am

Please share this event with your friends, family and spiritual communities. The more positive thoughts we share at the same moment in time, the more good we can create around the games and hold everyone in safety and peace.

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Thank you.

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