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MeditationThe Power of Prophecy

The whole point of prophecy, is that it gives you the knowledge to understand and contemplate the effected events. And that provides you with the ability to change the events you don’t like or don’t want to go through.

Whither you attain information from sensing energy, through a psychic reading, or even through meditation or prophetic dream, the information you attain contains the “probable” outcome if the energy feeding the events do not change. What’s the point of learning this information before it happens if you do nothing to change the negative or unwanted events?  Or prepare yourself to take full advantage of the wanted and desired opportunities that lay ahead.

If you allow the negative to become self-fulfilling, it’s because you decided to do nothing and allowed the energy to play out as it has been seen or prophesied. But if you decide to make new choices that will alter the current pattern, you can also change the outcome of those negative events. Potentially even altering them from happening all together.

The choice is up to you. Don’t simply sit on the knowledge you receive. Think about what it means, how you created and what you might need to change to alter its course, or take more advantage of its outcome. It works both ways, and not only for the negative things you want to change

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