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email-lostDealing With Passive/Aggressive Communications

I get lots of mail. LOTS of mail. 99.9% of the time it’s quite nice, with questions, compliments and requests for assistance. The typical stuff.

Every now and then, it’s not so nice. And though there are varying levels of rude and nastiness, the ones that get me laughing, and often get a response are the passive/aggressive ones.

I received one of those today. I’ve had a few students, and fellow Metaphysical ministers ask me how do you handle these? How do you not let them get to you? Well that’s easy really. I’m not what those people “expect” me to be, so it’s easy not to fall into their trap and react the way they “expect’ me to react.

Of course there are those that you must be cautious of how or even if you respond to. When someone comes to you and says they’re from the Planet Gortair and they’re excited to visit your planet. Don’t argue with them. Simply respond: “Greetings and welcome to Earth. As a duly appointed representative from our planet, I would like to invite you to a tour of one of our finer medical facilities.” It beats wrestling them to the ground. – (thanks to Night Court for that approach). ~ You can read more about that in Answering eMail From Visitors

Instead of getting offended or angry by those eMails that aren’t from Gortair and are instead merely offensive, use your own judgement to decide if they need to be responded to or not. You can always use the communication as a teaching moment. Correct the misconceptions held in the email and try to be true to your beliefs and convictions. Whither or not they listen isn’t your concern, nor should it even be your intent in responding. But simply because someone else is choosing to be negative and vile, doesn’t mean you have to give over control of your emotions and beliefs to their assumptions and prove them right.

In some cases, you may need to forward the eMail to authorities. And yes I’ve had a few of those. In some cases, simply delete the eMail close your eyes and take a deep breath. Clear the negative energy out of your mind, soul and even your inbox and set your shields of protection. Other times, you may feel pulled to answer the eMail. Maybe it’s for you, maybe it’s for them. But listen to your instincts and look at them on a case by case basis.

Here’s an example of an eMail I received today. I have not in any way modified the email from this person. I didn’t correct punctuation, spelling, grammar etc. It is as it came to me.

The eMail:

name: Lisa
topic: General Question
comments: Hi, I just stumbled upon this website trying to goggle find cool affirmations. Anyway I do have a genuine question and I hope you are not offended .Obviously paganism is not a monotheistic religion in fact in rejects the notion that there is 1 God.Being eco and loving nature is something that every person should do.Being involved in which craft is basically siding with the devil since there are no good and bad witches .My question is to you : how do you feel about influencing the youth ,kids who come here and kinda leading them to the devil/ satanism (thats what witchcraft is) ?And what are your thoughts it they use this site as a stepping stone to explore real witchcraft , offerings, maybe even human offerings?Would you feel guilty or still proud?Would love to know your thoughts and feelings about this.P.s: I am from Eastern Europe where a lot of paganism ,witchcraft etc originates ,and I am well informed about practises and meanings behind it ,even when they look all innocent (sun greetings for e.g) /Warmly, Lisa
referred: Just Surfed In

~~~ 🐾 ~~~

My Response:


Your question is based out of propaganda and not fact. There has been centuries of misinformation fed to the public by the early Church and modern church based on those old bigotries and desire to control people through ignorance.

Paganism is not always polymorphic, many Traditions (what we call our denominations) are Shamanistic based and we believe that the Divine isn’t a “God” or “Goddess” or a pantheon of Gods. We believe that the Divine is all things, seen and unseen through out the Universe. And that we are part of that Divine Consciousness. In other words, the Divine isn’t outside ourselves, but is part of us and we are part of it.

Secondly, we don’t believe in a “devil” this is a Christian Concept, as is Devil worship. Albeit the dark side of Christianity. There is also a difference between the Christianized Devil Worship and Satanism, as Satanists don’t believe in the devil either. But they’re a different story.

Witchcraft is nothing more than the science of energy manipulation. It is not restricted to pagan practices. There are as many Christian and Jewish witches as there are pagan ones. Merging Christianity and magik is the basis of Voodoun as well. Voodoo is a merger of African/Haitian paganism and Christianity. Because their cultures held a belief in magik, so does their new Christian Religion. But merging magik and Christianity isn’t unique. It’s also a big practice in south and central American countries. It’s also part of Germanic and Italian cultures as well. In fact, every time you light a candle and say a prayer to Yahweh or Jesus, you are practicing a form of candle magik. When a Priest or Minister uses incense in church to sanctify an altar, it’s a form of herbal magik and its practice is rooted in pagan beliefs.

The Green Man by Renaat Marchand

The Green Man by Renaat Marchand

The idea that Pagans make living offerings is one of the most ridiculous misconceptions of our practices. Pagans believe that all things are part of the Divine and therefore all things must be respected, seen and unseen throughout the Divine Universe. Early pagans would only take from nature what they needed to survive and before doing so, they honored the life and blessed the animal before and after it gave its life to sustain their clan or community.

However, your bible has plenty of examples of blood sacrifices. From the very beginning of Genesis, Abel kills several animals as an offering to Yahweh and because he shed blood, his offerings are favored over his brother Cane’s offerings from the land. There are many examples of Yahweh testing the loyalty of his subjects to murder or sacrifice both animal and humans for his favor.

Pagans don’t even cut down a tree without first asking it to give up its life so that we might make a shelter from its wood. We don’t ask some self centered “god” for that life, but rather the life that is giving itself for our benefit. Again your assumption is inaccurate and false.

You ask if I would be proud if someone came to my site and learned about their own spirituality and discovered how to connect their spirit with that of the greater Divine Consciousness. Yes I would and I am. I’m honored that people find their way to my site, my writings and my books and that they feel intrigued and interested enough to read my words. I hope they discover the true divinity within themselves, learn that we are all connected and intertwined together. That we are all much more a like than we are different.

Whatever it is you think you know, I can tell by your questions here, that you know the propaganda. But you don’t know the truth and reality about us and what we do or what we believe. You sent me this letter stating you didn’t want to offend and then you used comments and posed your questions in a manner that you hoped would do exactly that. I hope I have disappointed you and not replied with anger or hate as you expected. Such emotions and energies are worthless and do nothing to clear up the misconceptions you obviously have about us.

Instead I’d rather try to explain to you where your misconceptions are and give you the correct information so that perhaps you can become more compassionate and tolerant of others who aren’t like you. After all that is one of the main tenants of your religion. If you choose to live in hypocrisy of that, it’s your choice of course. But I’ll simply say thank you for taking the time to visit my site and send your question. I hope I have some how answered your question and corrected your misconceptions.

Have a good evening.

Spring Wolf
Many Blessings,
SpringWolf, D.D., Ph.D.
President, Spring’s Haven – Spiritual Center

I hope by sharing this I can give those of you who face these kinds of emails an example of how you might deal with them. Don’t let them push your buttons or try to stir up your anger or emotions. All religions and spiritual paths have their detractors. You can choose to prove their perspectives right, and return their attack with hate. Or you can rise above their pettiness and live true to your own beliefs. What you put out, you will receive back.

Wolfwitch by Springwolf 2012

Wolfwitch by Springwolf 2012

As an example, here’s the typical type of email I receive. The kind Lisa was referring to in her initial note.

name: Melinda
topic: Site Feedback
comments: Hello,I’m very interested in becoming a Pagan and understanding more about my inner soul, what is the best direction I should be going in? Is there a group in {somewhere in the world} I could speak with or a store in which I can ask someone questions.
referred: A Friend

My Response typically is to give some basic information about what Paganism is, what Pagan Metaphysics is, a brief explanation of Witchcraft vs Wicca and then provide a few links to help them continue their reading.

I hope this helps others who teach, minister, or otherwise communicates with the general public about their spiritual path and journey. There are as many ways to respond and deal with these types of communications as there are people on the planet. Choose the one that works best for you and helps to support your beliefs, instead of forcing you into a contradiction of who and what you’re about.

Many Blessings,
Spring 🐾

© Springwolfs Hanko

© 2014 Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. Springwolf Reflections / Springs Haven, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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