The Mission Within 2014

numerology-shamanisticA Little Numerological Insight for 2014:

I don’t think we’ve taken a look at the Shamanistic Numerology perspective of the year 2014. So let’s do that today. Because I’ve noticed a big theme in all the Daily Tarot Meditation messages so far during this first month of the year. 

I think a little more perspective might help everyone with their personal missions. Not to mention give a little more insight into the events and issues you may face moving forward throughout the year. The more knowledge you have about the energy flowing through the coming months, the better able you are to make conscious choices that could make things a little easier for your own journey.

Several psychics and prophets have indicated that the current Cosmic Cycle is a turning point for spirit. Moving from the physical focus of acquiring things, to the focus on one’s spirit and purpose. Do you live by the words you speak? Or are your actions showing how much of a hypocrite you maybe to your own speech?

2014 has been marked as the peak of this cycle and therefore it’s a big part of this shift in energy. In my book Metaphysics 101 I described this period:

This time period is also called the next evolution of the human spirit, where the world moves from “Survival of the fittest” to “Survival of the most spiritual”.  But don’t take that to mean there’s only one path or religion that has the dominant voice of being the “most spiritual”. There are many paths to choose from. Survival of the most spiritual is not a sect or group. It’s a personal path that is created by an individual’s own personal choices and moral creed. Are you living “true” to your own spiritual path? Are you Walking Your Talk™?

It’s not enough to show up at church or temple each week and speak the words you’re asked to say in worship or honoring the Divine in your life. But when you leave, you don’t act in accordance to those words. It’s not enough sit in your chair of judgement upon others when you’re not looking in a mirror to see how your own words and actions impact those around you. Judge your own actions before you judge others.

A person doesn’t have to follow a religion or spiritual path to be moral or accountable for their words and actions either. Even an atheist has a responsibility to the world they create around them. If you say one thing, but then do another, no matter what path you walk, you’re doing a disservice to your self. And the analyzed number for the year backs all this up, for this is the year of Higher Purpose.   

The Analysis of 2014
So how does the year provide insight into our actions and plans for the coming months?

Actual Derived Calculated
2014 2+0+1+4 7

Seven – The number of higher existence, the Divine realm (as in 7th Heaven), the spiritual world or spiritual body.

  • This number is associated with Saturn.
  • This number is associated with the Willow Tree.
  • This number is associated with the Beaver.
  • It represents the Divine within (the higher consciousness), The Divine Universe as a whole (all consciousness connected). It’s more of a Divine place, rather than entity.  Such as Avalon, Heaven, Valhalla etc.
  • Positive Direction: 7 places an emphasis on the esoteric, scholarly aspects of magik. It represents wisdom and knowledge, a higher view or long term vision of things. The understanding of being accountable for your choices and actions, but not through making critical judgements.
  • Negative Direction: 7 can place too much importance on knowledge without exercising its wisdom. Brutally honest at times when there needs to be a soft touch of compassion. Though 7 doesn’t often make negative judgements, the need to be needed and helpful can get one into trouble.

The analysis behind the year tells us it’s time to step up to the plate and live by our words through our deeds. Being kind not only to others, but to ourselves is equally important and part of that process. And that can be hard for some to see or even understand. But sometimes it might even be more important.

Self Reflection

What you don’t like about someone else,
Look In A Mirror.

Giving too much of yourself on a constant basis leaves you weak and unattended to. You’re as important to your Divine path as anyone else who walks next to you. Taking care of yourself so you have the energy and drive to care for those who are important to you will allow you to do all you can when it’s needed. Not being kind to yourself will diminish your words and your deeds. For if you don’t love yourself, who will? If you don’t hold yourself in respect, how will you be able to hold others in respect?

Remember you cannot save those who don’t want to be saved from their own self-destruction but you can save yourself. You cannot learn lessons for others, but you must try to learn your own. You cannot preach to others and tell them what they’re doing wrong, when you can’t even look in the mirror and say the same words to yourself.

This is the year to letting go of the negative in your life, so you can make room for the positive. Stop being so critical and judgmental of your own actions and of others. Forgive yourself for the past mistakes, you’re only human! You are not now, nor have you ever been, nor will you ever be …Perfect. So stop trying to hold yourself and others up to a standard that can never be achieved. Hold compassion in your heart and look beyond the immediate emotions and try to discover the underlying issues that created the events that cause sadness and harm. Try to find the lessons and attempt to heal the wounds and overcome the challenges. When you’re willing to love yourself, instead of being your own worst enemy, you will elevate your soul and improve not only your own existence, but you will be better able to walk the path and complete the spiritual mission you have designed to undertake.

Your mission this year is to be true to yourself. Live up to the words you preach to others. Take your own advise for yourself and allow the Divine energy that flows through you to work on your path. Allow your higher perspective to help you innovate, adapt and overcome, to energize, empower and fulfill your own spiritual mission.

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